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By: Rainbow Reading  06-Dec-2011

You’re looking after your little sister, Lisa when you see a silver disc lying on the ground. It’s projecting words written in laser lights.“BEWARE! DO NOT TOUCH!” Should you choose to let Lisa pick it up? Should you give it back to the aliens who claim it as theirs? Should you put it into your computer?

The choices you make will take you on many exciting, and sometimes dangerous adventures. The good news is, at any stage you can return to make different choices which take you on totally new adventures.

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Variety of authors, genre, illustrations and topics. Slower for lower levels so students can read along. Colour coded for different reading levels. Blurb for orientation and discussion. Track 9 is an MP3 file.


Speak Out Reader's Theatre

Meryl-Lynn Pluck (developer of Rainbow Reading), in conjunction with experienced educators Neale Pitches and Sue Watson, has developed Speak Out Reader’s Theatre; play readings for ALL students in mixed ability groups. Speak Out is play readings in digitised format for ALL students in Years 3 – 6 although all scripts are interesting and appealing to a wide range of ages and stages. CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK, SORRY.


Support Material

Support material (Assessment Sheets and student activity sheets for Cloze, Text Sequencing, Word Search, Writing and Dice Game) is available in two formats. In the Rainbow Reading Programme Assessment Manual the texts are presented for taking Running Records. By activity e.g. Cloze Manual which includes all Cloze sheets for 120 titles Red – Violet.