TM8000 Conventional Mobile Radios

By: Mount Campbell  06-Dec-2011
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Conventional data radio with 100 channels


Conventional radio with 1-digit display and 10 channels


Conventional radio with 2-digit display and 100 channels


Conventional radio with 4-line display and 1,500 channels


Conventional radio with 1,500 channels
Dual band radio system

The Tait TM8000 mobiles are reliable and high performance mobile radios. Easy to integrate and to customise, each is ideal for voice and data communications. Even a simple system represents a long-term investment that can be adapted as your business needs evolve.

All of these radios are built on an extremely flexible platform designed to incorporate three key core qualities: rugged design, high speed data transmission and ease of integration.

Built around advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology, much of the radio signal processing takes place in the digital domain. This offers significant performance enhancements and provides a flexible platform to meet specific customer needs.

Data Capabilities
Tait's TM8000 data mobiles offering includes solutions to suit a range of applications such as utilities, transportation and AVL integration.

The TM8105 data radio can easily connect to external modems through a choice of interfaces, whilst also including built-in data modems.

Keywords: Data Radio, Digital Signal Processor, External Modems, Long-Term Investment, Radio, Signal Processor,

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We can supply radios - all types for short and long term rentals, This means that you can rent equipment for the length of period that you require, with the peace of mind that you can call on our service team if you enounter any issues, we are only to happy to help. We pride ourselves on maintaining an outstanding level of customer service, all of our equipment is state of the art and fully maintained by our qualified technicians.


TM8000 Trunked/Conventional

Trunked/Conventional dual mode operationThese radios provide flexible coverage for users, supporting multiple MPT 1327 networks while also operating in conventional mode when outside network coverage areas. With the TM8252, TM8235, TM8254 and TM8255 radios, Tait offers a choice of trunked mobiles to meet a variety of needs, ensuring innovative solutions for operators and end users alike.