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By: Interior Plastering Solutions  06-Dec-2011
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A plaster moulded Scotia is the simplest way to describe it joining both wall and ceiling which is both attractive and decorative. There is a huge variety of designs to choose from and one to suit most peoples requirements. It is more expensive than cove as it is hand crafted and more time is taken in fixing it and if the mould is more intricate there tends to be more waste as it has to be matched. We are able to show some examples of cornice that is produced here in the Nelson area if required, other designs may be available in other areas of NZ.Suggestions - Best used when matching older cornice already used in house or if cost is of no concern.

Square Stopping

Sharp line blending the wall to ceiling in a seamless join. Paper taped and finished with an air drying plaster finish using internal tools designed specifically for this job to give the best results.Suggestions - Best used when wall and ceiling joints are tightly fitted and walls and ceilings are uniformly straight to ensure sharp detailed lines with little or no imperfections. Would suit new home best over renovations.

Vacuum / Hand Sanding

We machine sand with a "Vacuum Sander" initially to help limit the amount of dust created when sanding. However to compliment this we provide further detailing by hand sanding the joins to eliminate further imperfections ensuring an improved finish when it comes to painting.


We clean up to the best of our abilities at the completion of each job ensuring that the next in line has a clean slate to begin with.
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Keywords: Ceiling, Cornice, Interior Plastering, Plaster, Plastering Solutions

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