By: Höglund Art Glass  05-Apr-2012

The dry winter season is almost over here in Tropical North Queensland and the last day for the glass studio to be open is 31 October as usual. The TN Queensland weather has been beautiful this winter with sunshine and blue skies every day. It has been drier than usual with hardly any rainfalls since April, so the rainforest is in urgent need of rain now. No doubt that will come with the cyclon and wet season officially starting soon. Lots of new glass work has been made and we have met a steady flow of new and old customers visiting our studio here in Whyanbeel Valley during the last 5 month.

We will spend the coming summer season at our glass studio in Nelson (New Zealand) as we always do, and we are looking forward to make some new New Zealand glass. Marie is planning to make a new series of Graal pieces in 2012.

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24 karat gold, quality crystal clear glass, a unique design and highest craftsmanship gives our gold glass beads on neck rings their individual personality. Each glass bead has been made by hand with slight variations in size, shape, colours and texture due to the organic nature of glass. In the centre of each bead, layers of coloured glass are worked around the core, encased with 24 karat gold and crystal clear glass.