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By: Graham Thomas Resource Management Consultants  06-Dec-2011
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As an “all round” Resource Management Consultancy, we are able to provide a wide range of services. The most important item that we know is “what we don’t know”. In those circumstances we have an extension network of relationships with other sectors that we can recommend.

Property Assessments

The Local Authority (Council) sets out the planning rules in the District Plan that define controls on what is able to happen on your land. Those controls also define the degree of ease or difficulty of undertaking certain developments be they

  • subdivisions,
  • buildings,
  • uses (specific activities such as discharges, gravel extraction etc).

We will assess your property, your proposal (if you have one) and advise you on the chances of obtaining Resource Consent. We will also advise on possible variations to your proposal to “find the line of least resistance” through Council’s consent path.

We have the experience and ability to advise on linkages to other Statutory Regulations (Building Act etc) to ensure that all consents required are considered.


There are many forms of subdivision development.

  • Minor boundary adjustments between existing titles to recognise land occupancies/boundary corrections.

  • Significant boundary adjustments between existing titles to create new titles of totally different shapes and/or areas.

  • Subdivisions in the rural sector to create new titles for rural activities with the sizes dependent upon the rural zone.

  • Minor urban type infill subdivisions of existing urban titles.

  • Major urban subdivisions creating numerous new titles along with roads etc for various uses (residential, business, commercial, industrial etc).

  • Comprehensive residential developments involving the design and construction of specific dwelling units/apartments.

All of those subdivision developments require Council consent, which involves design, consent and construction along with the survey, legality and marketing processes.

We are experienced in all of those phases and have an established network of contacts within the various sectors to ensure a smooth completion of your development.

Resource Consents

The Resource Management Act (RMA) is permissible legislation with the Regional and District Plans setting out what you are to undertake on your property without the need for a consent – plus setting the different levels of consent (controlled, discretionary etc) that would be required for differing activities (subdivision, buildings, uses/activities etc).

We can assess your proposal and advise on the type/s of resource consent/s required and if necessary prepare and lodge an application for consent. All consents will have conditions to a varying degree. We also assess and advise on the effects of those conditions and your rights of objection.

Council Plan Submissions

Councils regularly notify proposed Variations to the Operative Plan (the current planning rules) calling for Submissions from the public.

We are able to assess and advise you on the possible impact of those changes on the use of your land and, if necessary, prepare and lodge submissions on the variations either supporting or opposing the Variations proposed.

Annual Plan and LTCCP Submissions

Councils are required to notify their proposed Annual Plan (setting out what they wish to achieve for the next 12 months) and their proposed Long Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP) (setting out their proposed budget/expenditure for their various activities – roading, water supply etc).

We are able to assess and advise you on those Plans and the possible effects on your land and the community. If necessary, we can prepare and lodge submissions on the Plans.

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Keywords: Resource Consents, Resource Management

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