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By: Global Gypsy  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Postage, Exchange Rate

This book is the sequel in the series of all colour images and insights  from gerar's twenty year journey all shot on slide transparency film on a nikon F3
Hardback 160 pages 150mm square 375 grams
It also contains the original story 'Catalyst for change' from the reality book as well as 8 panoramic photos of the Maha Kumbha Mela Festival in 2001

Copies are also kept at our european office
This is becoming a classic and will need to reprinted again soon but still only available from 30 shops in Australia and New Zealand but no where else in the world so buy it here and support this artist to keep creatingYou will be charged in New Zealand dollars $30 Plus postage which is by airmail. Allow for a time delay in charging and fluctuations in the dollar. Price listed here are approximate only & will be the exchange rate of the day processed not today. You will be charged actual cost of postage. For example today it is 3 euros to post to europe from Ireland and One pound 50p within the U.K. On your statement it will say Imagist/ global gypsy karamea. New Zealand
It is  destined to be another underground classic for those real people out there, thanks for your support.
$30 NZ is about 20 euros including postage to europe
$30 NZ is about 15 pounds within U.K. inc postage
$30 NZ is about $26 australian inc postage
$30 NZ is about $22 Canadian plus $11 postage
$30 NZ is about $21.50 US plus $9 postage

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

Keywords: Exchange Rate, Postage