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Juicies are an icon product in schools and are loved by children all over New Zealand and Australia. The great thing is that parents love them too as they have the Heart Foundation Tick, contribute to the recommended two or more servings of fruit a day, and don't contain any preservatives, colours or artificial flavours.


The totally cool flavoured milk freeze is for kids on the go. Now with six yummy flavours to choose from and the Heart Foundation Tick this product is one of the champions of the school yard. Moosies are available in delicious Chocolate, Strawberry, Lime, Blue Moon & Banana.

Hot Bites Murphies are a breakthrough for school canteens. Developed as a healthier alternative to pies, Murphies provide the energy and sustenance required for growing children and are super tasty but low in fat and sodium. Murphies are available in Mince flavour- delicious lean mince encased in bread and topped with a swirl of potato and cheese. Yum!

Cool Sips Flavoured Water

Cool Sips Mineral Water is an inexpensive and refreshing drink for kids at school. It comes in a handy recyclable 600mL sipper bottle and is excellent value. Great as part of lunch, for sport or for the classroom.

Cool Sips is a fruit drink with a difference - 50% fruit juice combined with the health benefits of Vitamin C and Calcium. Packed in a handy 250mL plastic sachet, this drink is easily accessed by piercing the sachet surface with a pointed straw. Available in Passion, Orange or Berry flavours.

CalciStrong flavoured milk is nutrient rich and provides valuable dairy protein, calcium, vitamin A and a range of B vitamins.
- 98.4% fat free
- Strawberry or chocolate flavours
- High in calcium for growing bones

Cookie Tree Chocolate Chip Cookies and Afghans are a yummy treat. These big size chocolate chip cookies a full of chocolatey chunks and the afghans are iced with real chocolate!

Cookie Tree Go! Cookies are made from all natural ingredients and with reduced saturated fat and salt, and increased fibre Go! Cookie holds the Heart Foundation Tick. Available in 33g chocolate chip, these individually wrapped cookies are a yummy and healthier alternative to traditional cookies.

Delicious Cookie Tree Chocolate Muffins are a perfect sweet snack at school. Just warm in the microwave or on top of the food warmer. Available in Chocolate or Blueberry flavours.

Rapperz American Style Hot Dog

A frankfurter baked in its own bread casing - eliminating the need for separate preparation of the ingredients - just heat, add mustard and sauce, and go. Rapperz American Style Hot Dogs are a healthy meal option and come with FREE SAUCE!

Hot Bites is a range of pies designed to be lower in fat and sodium than comparable products. Hot Bites are healthier options and are popular in school canteens.
110g: Mince & Cheese, Mince, Chicken, Potato Top
180g: Mince, Potato Top
100g: Apple Pie

This pizza has the Heart Foundation Tick and is a healthier choice developed especially for school canteens. Easy and quick to prepare these pizzas are hit with Canteen Managers and kids alike.

Hot Bites Noodles are great tasting instant cup noodles especially designed as a healthy option for school canteens. An economical and easy to prepare meal, Hot Bites Noodles are lower in fat and sodium than some other noodle brands.

A tasty filling wrapped in pizza style bread. Rapperz Calzones are a healthy lunch alternative and a great tasting snack. Rapperz are supplied frozen, easy to heat and are available in Hawaiian flavour.

A Wiggles bar is 100% fruit that is naturally fat and gluten free, with no added sugar, yeast or dairy. Approximately equivalent to one piece of fruit Annies Wiggles are ideal for children to provide a regular fruit intake.

This new and improved apple pie is a great warmer for cold days. It's jam packed with apple with a hint of cinnamon. A low fat bread based casing means the pie is much lower in fat than regular apple pies.

Bruno's Meals are tasty meals suitable for children and young people. They are prepared from simple nutritious ingredients and are easy to heat and serve.

- Source of dietary fibre
- Good source of protein
- Easy to heat & eat
- Macaroni Cheese (vegetarian) and Spaghetti Bolognese

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