Beyond Freedom Evolution Personal development Programme

By: Follow Your Star  04-Jun-2010
Keywords: Personal Development, Business Coaching, Life Coach


Beyond Freedom Evolution is a tool to assist you in developing the mindset and perspective required to create bigger and better results in your life. It takes vision and boldness to make real changes. Some are born with these attributes, but most of us have to develop them over time. The question is how?

Here is how Beyond Freedom Evolution can assist you. It is a tool that will give you new ways of looking at life and how to effectively deal with the obstacles you will inevitably face. It is a collection of universal principles for situations that arise when one chooses to take full control of their life These concepts were forged by real people who had to overcome major adversity, who refused to give up and are now reaping the rich rewards. It's simple. It works. People love it. The program puts you in the drivers seat of your life and teaches you how to drive.

Beyond Freedom Evolution will give you the confidence to apply these principles in all areas of your life causing you to take control and to create positive change.

The BFE is a 12 month course comprised of 9CD's, 9DVD's, Journaling System, plus Interactive Online Workbook. The three parts are: Departure, Decision & Action

Price USD:
Retail Price: $2,855.00
Wholesale Price: $2,285.00 (For wholesale buyers there is an ongoing community of people who will support you with open discussion, sharing and contribution which will assist you in getting so much more out of it.)

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