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By: Cleaning Technology Nelson  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Toilet Paper, Paper Towel, Toilet Seat

We have a wide range of toilet papers ,paper towels, tissues, placemats, toast bags etc.

Types of paper products

  • Paper Towels
  • Toilet Paper
  • Facial Tissues
  • Miscellaneous Paper Products

Paper Towels

  • Kitchen Towel 2 & 12 pack
  • Centre Feed Paper Towel 6 roll pack 300M/1ply or 160M/2ply
  • Mini Centre Feed Paper Towel 12 roll pack
  • Universal Interfold Paper Towel 200 sheets/24 pack
  • Universal Slimline Paper Towel 250 sheets/16 pack
  • Commercial Centre Feed Paper Towel 280M/4roll pack
  • Advanced Slimline Paper Towel 200 sheets/16 pack
  • Advanced Interfold Paper Towel 150 sheets/24 pack or single pack
  • Advanced Half Size Paper Wipes 200 sheets/32 pack

Toilet Paper

  • Universal std roll 1ply 500 sheets/48 roll ctn
  • Economy Award std roll 1ply 840 sheets/48 roll ctn
  • Universal Jumbo roll 650M/1ply 6 roll pack
  • Advanced std roll 2ply 400 sheets/48 roll ctn
  • Advanced std roll 2ply 400 sheets/36 roll pack
  • Advanced Jumbo roll 320M/2ply 6 roll pack
  • Earth Care std roll 2ply 400 sheets/48 roll ctn
  • Award std roll 2ply 280 sheets/72 roll pack
  • Premium std roll 2ply 280 sheets/48 roll ctn
  • Premium Folded Toilet Tissue 280 sheets/30 pack ctn
  • Earthcare Jumbo roll 300M/2ply

Facial Tissues

  • Premium Facial Tissue 100's/30 pack ctn or single pack
  • Sorbent Facial Tissue 60's/48 pack ctn
  • Sorbent Facial Tissue 180's/12 pack ctn
  • Sorbent Facial Tissue 6's/12 pocket pack ctn

Miscellaneous Paper Products

  • Serviettes 2ply Dinner 100's/12 pack ctn
  • Serviettes 1ply 250's/8 pack ctn
  • Melody Place Mats Embossed/500 pack
  • Melody Toast Bag 250's/4 pack
  • Melody Toilet Seat Covers/2000 pack
  • Paper Glass Cover/1000 pack

Keywords: Facial Tissue, Paper Towel, Toilet Paper, Toilet Seat

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