BQD - Building, Quotation, Design

By: Bqd  05-Apr-2012

Step one – The big idea

We'll sit down with you and do the most important thing – listen.

At our initial briefing meeting we'll talk about:

  • Your aspirations
  • Your design ideas
  • Your budget
  • The benefits of using the BQD system
  • The amount of involvement you wish to have throughout your project
  • How BQD can help you through the building process
  • At what stage to you want to engage BQD, i.e.
    • From design to completion OR
    • You have a design you would like costed and managed through to completion

Things to think about before that first meeting:

  • Examples of what you like/don't like – clip images from magazines etc.
  • The scope of your budget, and what it needs to cover
  • Your wish list e.g.
    • Must have garage and workshop
    • Must have garage to fit two cars
    • Kitchen needs to be large as that is where we spend most of our time
    • Each bedroom must be a double
    • Must have a study/office
    • We really want a feature entry
    • and so on...
  • Do you wish BQD to assist you in finding a site or do you own or have one in mind
  • Do you want BQD to assist with a design or do you have an draftsman/architectural firm in mind
  • Do you have a preferred sub-trades that you want to work on your project.

From this first meeting :

  • BQD will assist you in developing a concept sketch
  • We'll provide an outline of the costs of our service
  • We will present our terms of engagement

Step two – What's it all going to cost?

  • Once you are happy with the concept plan, BQD will assist you in developing it to the next stage. You will be presented with a set of comprehensive concept drawings, elevations and 3D images. From these more detailed drawings you'll be able to make decisions on the finer details of your new home. We'll also be able to produce a comprehensive cost analysis, supported by written quotes from contractors, to make sure that your design will fit within your budget, and adjust accordingly.
  • When you are happy with the design and cost analysis the working drawings can be produced.
  • *We often complete this stage before you fully commit to purchasing a section, so that you have full control over the overall budget.

Step three - Getting approval to go ahead

  • The plans are finalised into a full set of working drawings, this includes liaisons with surveyors, engineers etc, where necessary to meet council requirements.
  • The application for building consent will be made. This process will include liaising with council regarding any additional information or clarification they require until building consent has been granted.

Step four – Choices (aka the fun bit)

We'll help you work through the process of selecting the interior and exterior finishing on your new home. Think carpets, tap-ware, benches and vanities, tiles, curtains and paint colours. The options are, of course, endless, so this is a good chance to use our industry knowledge of what works, and what to avoid, personalising your home and making it yours.

Step five - The bottom line

NB. BQD clients can choose to price through known builders and sub-contractors or to tender to a number of builders and sub-contractors

  • BQD will send plans out to sub-trades for quoting purposes
  • Final pricing includes all appliances, lighting fixtures, flooring, tap-ware etc.
  • If you have preferred sub-trades you would like to use, we'll include them in the list of contractors for quoting purposes
  • BQD will present all quotes back to you in spreadsheet format, outlining full costs. And further to consultation you are able to accept quotes on a fixed priced contract – so less risk of any surprises.

Step six - Getting on with the job

  • BQD manage the build project through to code of compliance sign off.
  • We'll visit the site weekly, plus undertake any additional visits as necessary
  • You'll receive a weekly written reports on the build progress.
  • We'll check and discuss with you all monthly progress invoices to ensure payment is only made for work completed. You pay the contractors directly so you know what you are paying for.
  • We liase with builders and contractors to assist in ensuring that code of compliance is achieved.

Step seven – Welcome home!

  • After practical completion has been met you can move in and enjoy your new home. But the BQD service doesn't end there..

Step eight - 180 day maintenance period

  • 180 days after moving into your new home, BQD will visit and arrange for any maintenance issues that have arisen in the first six months to be taken care of.