Skincare products for healthy skin

By: Beauty At Monaco  06-Dec-2011

Oxygen skincare products contain only natural ingredients found in plants and essential oils. These will benefit your inner health as well as your outer beauty as the aromas of essential oils are therapeutic and emotionally rebalancing. The benefits of essential oils are:

    Stimulates circulation

    Absorption into the skin provides more therapeutic benefits

    High potency helps warn off acne causing bacteria, fungi and viruses

    Anti-ageing properties promote healthy cellular regeneration

    Helps to break down cellulite causing fat cells

    Reduces inflammation in conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, insect bites and stings

    Anti-scarring and can break up old scars and assist in wound healing

    Anti-cancer which reduces small simple skin cancers according to anecdotal evidence

    Sebum production balancing for both dry and oily/acne prone skin