Nelson dentists services include crowns, implants, root fillings, veneers, tooth whitening, orthodontics

By: Advanced Dental  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Teeth, Hygiene, Gum Disease

Crown Restoration – A crown is a strong, good looking long lasting restoration.  If a tooth has had a large filling, has fractured or had a root filling it will often benefit from a crown in order to provide the strongest and best way to restore the tooth.  A crown involves shaping the tooth and taking a model which is sent away to have the crown custom fitted to your mouth.

Crowns are made mostly of porcelain which is strong and white or sometimes gold.

Implants provide an excellent long term option for replacing a missing tooth.  Implants have the advantage of being the most like a natural tooth. No plates to wear and they look great.  They involve placing a titanium screw into the jaw and attaching a crown to the top.

All our dentists are trained in this new and exciting area of dentistry.

Root canal treatment (endodontics) treats disorders of the nerve of the tooth.  The most common factors contributing to a need for a root canal treatment are:

  • Trauma to a tooth
  • Deep decay or a very large filling to a tooth

We believe in saving the tooth rather than removal.

Veneers, usually fabricated from porcelain, are a thin, semi-translucent ‘shell’, permanently bonded to your teeth.  Veneers are a cosmetic alternative for a variety of dental conditions of the front teeth.  The finished result is extremely strong and durable.

Maintaining good oral hygiene for you and your family is of high priority to us.  We provide full information on the general treatment of fillings and care of your oral health.

  • White non amalgam fillings routinely used.  Composite fillings are the most widely used, because of there excellent appearance.
  • Gold and porcelain inlays and overlays are very effective filling materials due to their strength and long term durability.  If the cavity in your tooth is very large or if the tooth is cracked and weakened the best solution may be to have a crown.
  • Fissure sealants are used to prevent decay in teeth, especially in young children and teenagers.  Fissures (grooves) in teeth are prone to decay and a sealant is a great preventative measure.
  • Full hygiene services are provided for informing and instructing the best care for your oral health.

  • Paula, our hygienist is fully trained and is passionate about the achievement of healthy and hygienic mouth, with special emphasis on the prevention and treatment of gum disease. Gum disease affects the gums and the bone that support your teeth.  Having gum disease can be likened to having bad foundations under your house.

    Untreated gum disease can cause:

    • Bleeding gums
    • Bad breathe and bad tastes
    • Loose and drifting teeth
    • Tooth loss
    • Dental decay

    It has been linked to heart problems and its prevention is very important to diabetes and pregnant women. 

    It is very common

    and will become more of a problem as people keep there teeth longer.  

    Paula's work involves:

    • Treatment of gum disease by removing the plaque and tartar that cause gum disease.
    • Prevention of gum disease by education on the best method of efficient home care.
    • Cosmetically improving the appearance of the teeth by the removal of staining and tartar deposits.
    • Whitening and brightening your smile by bleaching the teeth.

    Due to her specialized training and her skills, the amount of time that is spent treating each patient is very thorough and achieves a high standard of care than most dentists at a very reduced cost.

    Keywords: Gum Disease, Hygiene, Root Canal Treatment, Teeth