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By: Absoluteenergy  06-Dec-2011
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  • Keeps you warmer in winter and cooler in summer
  • A more comfortable home all year round
  • Stops up 70% of heat transfers in your home
  • Fire resistant
  • Meets the highest New Zealand insulation standards
  • Guaranteed for the life of your home
A proven performer

Bradford Gold is a highly effective insulator. Made from the world's most popular insulation material - glasswool. It is manufactured by spinning molten glass into a matrix of extremely fine fibres, which trap millions of tiny pockets of air. Increasing the thickness or density of the insulation increases the resistance to the flow of heat, measured by the product R-Value. So you can choose the comfort and energy efficiency you want for your home from the Bradford Gold product range.

High performance

Bradford's range of Gold High Performance insulation has been engineered to provide the highest levels of thermal performance available so you can choose the level of comfort your family deserves. Bradford Gold High Performance insulation boasts R-Values of R5.0 and R6.0, the highest level of insulation available for New Zealand homes. Made with higher density for outstanding thermal performance and low profile for optimum efficiency in tight spaces. When you select Bradford Gold High Performance insulation for your home you will be helping to create the best possible environment for your family.

Helping the environment

Home energy use is one of the main contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. Reducing your consumption of energy for heating and cooling, by installing Bradford Gold insulation, is a positive action which is environmentally responsible. In fact, Bradford Gold insulation can save 12 times more energy each year than is used in its manufacture. Bradford gold insulation contains up to 80% recycled glass, which contributes to energy savings in manufacture and landfills.

The healthy choice

A recent study carried out by BRANZ demonstrated that residents in insulated homes reported much fewer health issues than those in uninsulated homes. Insulation works to reduce exposure to extremes of temperature and humidity which can have adverse effects on health. Bradford Gold has been laboratory tested and classed as emitting low dust and volatile compounds in use making it suitable for use in homes of allergy sufferers.

You can use Bradford with confidence

With Bradford you can be sure you're making the right choice. All Bradford products are manufactured to stringent standards - under ISO 9002 Quality Systems and comply with AS/NZS 4859.1 - Materials for thermal insulation in buildings. They carry BRANZ certification so they can be used in any home to meet the New Zealand building regulations. And they come with a lifetime guarantee from CSR, one of Australasia's largest building materials companies, that they will not pack down, shrink, support mould, rot or deteriorate.

Keywords: Insulation