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By: Vital Focus - Life Coaching, Training and NLP Therapy Based in Nelson New Zealand  17-Dec-2010
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NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is the art and science of personal excellence. It is the result of modeling people who are extraordinarily successful in their chosen fields. By studying their mental processes and how these people use their brains to create success in their lives, NLP allows us to emulate the strategies of these successful people, so we too, can experience success.

This can apply to the spiritual field as well. Even though the ultimate goal of spiritual practices like meditation, yoga and qigong is self realization, it is beyond the scope of the mind. The journey to self realization is about overcoming the egoic mind. It is the higher mind that takes us to our destination, and that can definitely be supported through the use of specific NLP processes, including some I have adapted and developed for just this purpose.

Many of us think that spiritually aware or spiritually awakened people are the rare exception, that this awakening may be beyond us, and that maybe they were the lucky ones. Perhaps you also think that you have to retreat to a cave or monastery for years to meditate to become awakened, however the journey to awakening is where this combination of NLP and spiritual coaching excels.

By including NLP techniques into my Spiritual Coaching, and basing it on the life and work of spiritual adepts, I can help people make shifts in their own self awareness. From there you can find ways to uniquely integrate this spirituality into the whole of your life, bringing you to a much higher level.

With this new awareness you inspire new insights and rejuvenate your energy to make positive changes in your life. A new sense of self comes forth, that will allow you to see your life in an entirely new light.

The first step in healing is in understanding how your brain has worked to create your illness. The second step is to change that. That’s what various NLP processes and systems do. They change the old thinking and limiting belief patterns that have caused or contributed to the disease and then create a new belief system that will bring about optimum healing and health.

David R Hawkins, author and consciousness researcher, says

“A disease process is evidence that something is amiss in the workings of the mind, and that’s where the power to effect a change resides.”

NLP is known for its health related practices- to heal allergies, relieve pain, overcome trauma, let go of phobias, and more.

In Healing-with-Attitude Coaching I use NLP based techniques to work with people with serious health conditions, such as heart disease and cancer, to relieve and improve their situation. This happens through transforming and uplifting their thinking and their energy: with healing as the outcome. With NLP I help you engage your brain, your thinking, your emotions and your spirit to help you heal yourself.

Emotions are an integral part of our internal guidance system and they affect every area of our lives.

NLP work is effective in addressing challenging emotional states such as procrastination, frustration, anger, inner and outer conflict, lack of confidence, despair, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, grief, fear and more. These “Negative” states are unhealthy for mind and body, and also for their effect on your relationships and the over-all effectiveness and progress of your life in general.

NLP helps you recognize your emotions, the energy around them, and then to change them to more uplifting states like relief, trust, optimism, acceptance, compassion, joy and love. This change frees you to be far more creative and successful in your life.

This may seem a strange concept for some in western society, since we usually talk of freedom in relation to human rights or imprisonment. Yet how many of us are trapped by our compliance with social mores, family expectations, our addictions, our ineffective lives and by believing the world of form and physicality to be the only reality.

Loss of freedom is also created by being at war with ourselves in believing we are less than we are, or that we have to be a certain way to be acceptable. We measure ourselves and others by a social yard-stick with no idea where it came from, and yet we believe it and run our lives by it.

So we are entrapped in these belief systems and patterns that most of us have no idea how to get out of even if we realized we were stuck. When we identify our minds with the world of forms: with our relationships, our work, our possessions, we lose ourselves to that world. When we go beyond that limited identification and awaken the higher levels of our minds into the realm of Consciousness, of Being, then we find our freedom. This does not mean that we abandon the world. It means we perceive the world in a new way.

By facilitating personal freedom in your life in every way, physically, mentally emotionally, politically, socially, spirituality, Vital Focus NLP Coaching has a great deal to offer you in your life. 

Keywords: Neuro Linguistic Programming, Nlp

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NLP Therapy

  NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is the art and science of personal excellence. It is the result of modeling people