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By: Nelson Sports & Pain Management Centre  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Pain Management, Chronic Pain, Manual Therapy

Sport Physiotherapy

Whether you are a recreational athlete or competing for New Zealand in your chosen
sport, Mo can help with injury management, injury prevention and improving your
performance. Mo Virani is an approved NZ Academy of Sport South Island
Physiotherapy Provider.

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy involves a hands on approach to a client's individual treatment needs.
This may include soft tissue and joint mobilisation, muscle and connective tissue
release (myofascial), joint manipulation and neural tissue mobilisation.

Medical Acupuncture / Trigger Point Therapy

Mo has been trained in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Trigger Point
Dry Needling. Both techniques involve the use of sterilised acupuncture needles
to help assist with pain management and return clients to work or sport.
These techniques are particularly useful with chronic or long standing pain.

Chronic Pain Management

Acute pain is a sensation that is registered in the brain and alerts you to the fact that
an injury has taken place. This sensation will pass once the area has healed, as in
a fractured bone.
Chronic pain on the other hand, is a signal to the brain which is left turned on.
In other words, the pain stimulus persists. This pain signal may last for months or
years and may have many factors that contribute to it. Furthermore, chronic pain often
involves more than one joint or muscle. It can often involve many joints and associated
connective tissue. Mo has over 10 years of experience working with pain management

Keywords: Chronic Pain, Connective Tissue, Manual Therapy, Pain Management, Sport Physiotherapy, Trigger Point

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