Independent growing tests prove how plants grow much faster and fuller with Grow-N-Thrive fertilizer

By: Nelson Products  06-Dec-2011

1/2 tbsp 1 tbsp 2 tbsp *   4 tbsp **

* Recommended rate of application (2 tbsp./gallon of water). ~
No foliage burn when applied at twice the recommended rate.

G ROW- N - T HRIVE will not burn foliage of most species even if applied at twice the recommended application rate. These Coleus plants were fertilized with varying amounts of G ROW- N - T HRIVE to test how they respond. The photo shows that even at twice the recommended rate, the plants experience no burning of foliage. Competitive water-soluble fertilizers showed extensive foliage burn.

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For plant growth factors, Grow-N-Thrive liquid fertilizer excels with balanced Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium, six micro-nutrient

So if you would like to have a "green thumb" and be known and admired for your beautiful perennial garden, your colorful annuals, rose bushes that bloom throughout the summer, and lush cascading hanging baskets, or perhaps for the deep green foliage of your indoor plants, you can have it all with Nelson's Grow-N-Thrive all-purpose liquid plant food.


Regarding how to plant seeds, Nelson's Grow-N-Thrive speeds germination and growth of seedlings

Grow-N-Thrive's lower Urea content means faster growth, more blooms, and larger foliage with no foliage burn. Will not harden, separate, or settle out of solution.


Rose Plants - How to fertilize them with Grow-N-Thrive for blooms all summer long

Black Spot - If heat and humidity are causing black spot fungus to appear on the rose bush leaves, begin spraying once per week with a fungicide. Use Nelson's Grow-N-Thrive liquid plant food on rose bushes for more foliage and blooms throughout the growing season. You can mix the fungicide with Grow-N-Thrive and apply them together from a hose end sprayer or a pump-up sprayer. Continue this procedure into the fall for more blooming cycles.


Tomato Plants - How to fertilize them with Grow-N-Thrive for maximum fruit production

Use Nelson's Grow-N-Thrive liquid plant food on tomato plants for faster growth and maximum production throughout the growing season. It is also OK to spray the foliage as long as you apply enough solution so that a good amount drips onto the soil for root feeding. When there are a number of small tomatoes showing on the stems, you can begin again to fertilize every two weeks or so.