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Grilled Angus Pure Eye Fillet with Bordelaise Sauce

Serves 2

You need:

2x 180g Angus Pure eye fillet portions

1 celeriac

1 large parsnip

120g butter beans

100g spinach

20g butter

light olive oil

salt and pepper

10ml truffle oil

Bordelaise sauce

1 small onion diced

1 small parsnip diced

1 stick celery

1 clove garlic

Thyme to taste

15g flour

20g tomato paste

500ml strong beef stock

250ml red wine

6 shallots sliced

1 small tomato, flesh diced

sprig of parsley, sliced


Lightly oil and season eye fillet. Peel celeriac and parsnip, cut into thick batons. Place in pot with seasoned water and cook keeping firm. Drain and pat dry. Place steaks on hot char grill and cook to your liking. Place celeriac and parsnip on lightly oiled flat grill and cook till crisp. Grill marrow bones and sliced shallot till translucent. Remove shallot and marrow from bones for sauce. Cook beans and spinach finishing with butter and seasoning.

Bordelaise sauce

Melt butter in heavy pot and sauté onion. Once caramelized add parsnip and celery till coloured. Add garlic and flour and cook till golden. Add tomato paste then wine stirring to remove lumps then slowly add hot stock. Bring to boil and simmer till flour cooked out and reduced to sauce consistency. Add thyme and parsley stems, season then pass. Return to pot; add grilled marrow, sauté shallot, parsley and tomato, reheat and serve.

Serving Suggestion:

Place vegetables in centre of plate and top with eye fillet. Spoon sauce over steak, drizzle truffle oil over and finish with freshly shaved truffle

Keywords: Olive Oil

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