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By: Nature Care  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Health Food, Supplement, Propolis

Introducing.. Bee Propolis Lozenges Nature Care bee propolis lozenges not only soothes irritated throats and relieve coughs, they are also extremely yummy!Our unique hand-made bee propolis lozenges are highly effective for: - sore / itchy throats
- coughing fits
- smokers' cough
- people who need to talk a lot - eg, lecturers, barristers, footy fansThese unique, almond-shaped lozenges contain 100% New Zealand bee propolis, menthol, eucalpytus and vitamin C.Because there are absolutely NO artificial colours, flavours or preservatives , our lozenges can be enjoyed as a healthy and delicious treat for children.What is so special about our lozenges compared to others?We strongly believe that you are what you eat. Therefore, we only use ingredients that are beneficial for your health and that includes menthol, eucalyptus and bee propolis.What is bee propolis?Propolis is a wax-like resinous substance collected by honeybees from tree buds or other botanical sources that is used to seal cracks, reduce the size of hive entrances and to seal off inside the hive any dead animals or insects which are too large to be carried out to protect the bee colony against diseases. These uses are significant because they take advantage of the antibacterial and antifungal effects of the bee propolis in protecting the colony against diseases. Flavours available:- Standard menthol and eucalpytus
- Lemon
- Extra menthol
- HerbsSizes available:- 25 lozenges
- 250g bag
- 500g bagOur small packs are excellent to take to footy matches and karaoke nights!

Keywords: Diseases, Health Food, Lozenges, Propolis, Supplement