By: Nash  05-Apr-2012
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Steel Framing replaces moisture damaged home

In mid 2009 Colleen Dick’s home was demolished. It had suffered from serious moisture ingress and the resulting damage had got to a point where the only viable option was to bowl the house and start again. Although Colleen was successful in her legal claim against various parties, after she paid all her lawyers and expert fees she did not have enough money to rebuild her home.

The Home Owners and Buyers Association of New Zealand (HOBANZ) have stepped in and are helping to facilitate the rebuild project. A large number of companies have come to the party and are donating their time and products to the project. The National Association of Steel Framed Housing Inc (NASH) is pleased to be playing a leading role in this with its members assisting in the rebuild from New Zealand Steel donating the AXXIS® Steel framing and other members roll forming and erecting the steel.

The Close Up team from TVNZ filmed the demolishing of Colleens home and is eager to get the rebuild story up on screen. The new design is complete using a similar layout to her original home and incorporating the latest in energy efficiencies. The building consent has been approved and the construction is underway.

Design Navigator: The easiest way to calculate construction R-values and NZBC Clause H1 Compliance

The Design Navigator online tool has been created by Albrecht Stoecklein of Design Navigator Ltd and has two main features: It allows you to quickly calculate construction R-values for thousands of framing, cladding and insulation combinations based on NZS4214. More than two hundred insulation and cladding products can be directly imported into the calculator.

When combined with building dimensions, the tool creates a building consent compliance report for Clause H1 of the New Zealand Building Code. The Design Navigator automatically calculates compliance with the Schedule and the Calculation Method of NZS4218:2004 and with the Building Performance Index (BPI), as well as compliance with the insulation targets in Clause E3. It automatically accounts for building features such as maximum windows and skylight areas, mixed solid and non-solid walls constructions, thermal breaks and many others.

NASH accepts no liability for this tool - all liability lies with Design Navigator Ltd.

NASH and Certified Builders Association of NZ sign Strategic Partnership Agreement

Carl Davies General Manager NASH and Derek Baxter, CEO of the Certified Builders Association of NZ (CBANZ)

NASH has entered into a Strategic Partnership agreement with the Certified Builders Association of NZ (CBANZ). This agreement represents a major step forward in the acceptance of Steel Framing as a viable alternative building material. It also means working more closely together with the Association and assisting Certified Builder members get to grips with Steel as a alternative framing material.

Certified Builders Association, CEO, Derek Baxter welcomes NASH to the strategic partnership program. He states that CBANZ is committed to creating relationships with the supply to chain to educate our builders in the latest innovations in the industry. For many builders steel construction is ‘habit breaking’ and while they have spent many years honing their craft with timber, this relationship will teach the new tips and techniques required.

Since all CBANZ members are trade qualified, some will have encountered steel framing in office partitioning, or as an optional module on a long forgotten block course. The program also links with DBH and the licensing requirements of ongoing professional development. CBANZ members will gain points for attending the meetings, seminars and reading the articles that will be published.

The key benefit of the program is to give the builders “beyond the brochure” information and therefore help the select and use products with the confidence that today’s clients demand says Baxter.

NASH participates of the Launch of the International Smart Building Centre in Bahrain

Dr Stephen Hicks , NASH Board member and Carl Davies, NASH General Manager with His Excellency Shaikh Ebrahim Bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Minister of Housing

NASH was hosted to Bahrain in January for discussions with the Ministry of Housing about Steel Framed Housing and to make a formal presentation at the launch of the International Smart Building Centre. The invitation came from the Ministry after hearing about the good work that we are collectively doing here in NZ.

Bahrain has a population of just about 1m and the housing dilemma is one of the most pressing problems facing the Kingdom. After a Royal directive to resolve the problem the Ministry of Housing has chosen to employ newer time and cost saving technology by changing from their traditional construction techniques to the smart building method that demonstrates the following attributes:

  • The use of Eco friendly materials that does not pose a threat to the health of citizens
  • Durability of up to 90 years
  • Resistant to earthquakes and cyclones
  • Insulation from Sound Heat and Moisture
  • Speed of construction
  • Reduces construction costs.

Two model units have been built using this technology out of Steel Framed Construction.

Added to this The International Smart Building Centre has been established and will re-define models of building construction in developing countries integrating with their economic systems and sustainable environmental standards.

The opening of the Centre on the 28th Jan was a huge affair in the ballroom of a major hotel in Bahrain. Ministers, Diplomats, overseas dignitaries and the media were present throughout the event with His Excellency Shaikh Ebrahim Bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Minister of Housing providing the opening address. The Minister was followed by an address by His Excellency Dr. Kandeh Yumkella, Director General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO)

The NASH presentation portrayed the work of our Association, the benefits of Steel Framed Construction globally and outlined strategic focus for the future. The visit provided an excellent opportunity to engage with the International community and provide a catalyst for further engagement. The relationship between NASH and the Government of Bahrain is ongoing.

Keywords: Steel Framing