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By: Myriad It Services  06-Dec-2011

We can offer many solutions to your issues when running or installing JDEdwards OneWorld.

This page has two types of solutions we would like to highlight to you

  1. Tools that we have developed
  2. Hints and Tips for dealing with JDE


JDEStatus is a tool that allows you to monitor the OneWorld UBE (Universal Batch Engine) queues.  It accesses the queue information directly, and does not use the JDEdwards toolset, which means that it will always be reporting current information, even when JDEdwards server services are shut down.


This information is of use to anyone that is using JDEdwards data with external tools.  We have included some samples of code to deal with the issue of making the JDE date into something the average human reader can understand.

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Admittedly with Xe and the more recent versions of JDEdwards the general support of the system is getting easier, but this is at the expense of the technical staff not gaining the underlying knowledge of how the system is structured. The most developed tool is JDEStatus that allows you to monitor the job queues in OneWorld without the necessity to buy a very expensive network management tool.