» Use cloud computing to increase business efficiency and drive business growth

By: Myemedia  06-Dec-2011

  • Do you understand how cloud computing can enhance business growth and efficiency?
  • Are all your applications linked in the cloud so they exchange data to save you time?
  • Are your documents shared in the cloud so staff can collaborate easily on projects?

Business has changed with growth in technology and the ability to run application in the cloud.  Cloud computing is changing the landscape of business due to the powerful ability to share, store and process information in new very powerful ways, all at very cost effective rates.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing refers is the IT model when the core data processing and applications are run “in the cloud”, hence this occurs on a remote server accessed via the Internet.  Another name for the cloud is Software as a Service or Saas.

With this cloud computing model, you generally pay a monthly fee to use the service in the cloud, rather than having to buy a software licence.  One of the benefits with this is that all software upgrades and back-ups are handled by the cloud provider to simplify IT management.

The old model was to run the application and store all the data on a user’s PC or on the office server, which has some advantages, yet is also now regarded by many as the old less efficient method of business management.

Cloud Advantages

Another advantage is the huge number of very powerful new cloud applications available today.  Another advantage is to be able to access your data from many different devices, from the home or office PC, smartphone or a tablet mobile Internet device.

Cloud Risks

A common concern from potential cloud users is their question “is my data safe?”  While this is always a risk, if you select the right secure provider with multi-redundancy, safe storage and good back-up is assured.

Another concern could be the speed of access to your data, or what if the cloud service or your Internet connection is down?  The recommendation here is to have a back-up, even if most cloud providers suggest this is not necessary, it is nice to do this even if the chance of ever needing it is very low.  By doing this cloud back-up you can take advantage of all the strengths of the powerful new methods of storing cloud based information and eliminate that small risk.

Can the Cloud Help Me?

To better understand if your busienss needs are suited to using the cloud, please contact myemedia today for a free consultation to understand how you may benefit from this smart cloud technology.

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