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By: Mum And Me  05-Apr-2012
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The concept of “Mum and Me!” brewed in my mind as I strolled back home with my then 3 month old son after talking with another mother who was about to head out with her toddler and baby to Mainly Music.

We’d been talking about various places and activities we took our children, and as we exchanged ideas I realised that we both mentioned things that neither of us had heard about.

Thus the idea of a nationwide website to place all of these ideas was born. There was nothing else like it anywhere and trying to get the correct times from other mums at times was like trying to get blood out of a stone. More often than not 10am became 11am and midday was really 2pm, or the great idea you’d been told about was not available during school holidays.

Through weeks of searching and talking to other mothers a database was formed and with the skills of my partner an easy search function was developed. This allows you to search by details such as day, time and price.

The site also offers promotions, discounts and deals offered by each company.

By having this all listed on this site you do not need to trawl through discount books, only to find the one coupon you were after expired 3 weeks ago as all offers are up to date and will change as new deals come out.

Dad’s are not excluded either. It was just easier to call the site Mum and Me, rather than Mum, Dad, and I (as well as the other siblings, grandparents etc). The site is aimed at families all over New Zealand with children of all ages including those not yet born.

Some final tweeks have made their way to the site. We now offer a small ecommerce store of products for your family, some that seem impossible to find in store. As well as a forum where you can come and talk about all things family. An easy one stop “community” for all families.

Keywords: Ecommerce Store