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By: Multifid  05-Apr-2012
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Electronics Design Software & Hardware Development « Electronic Design Tauranga

Choose from a wide range of services and specialities, including: DSP and FPGA design services, electronic circuit design, embedded software and firmware, wired and wireless communications systems. Multifid provides products and solutions ranging from concept definitions to system design, installation and production engineering. Multifid Technology is situated in Tauranga, New Zealand.

Product Development

We have developed a system to help our clients to quickly transform their ideas into products, from concept to realization.

1) Planning: We analyze your project requirements and propose a feasible system solution with the most appropriate technologies including the establishment of project schedules and budgets.

2) Definition: We document the proposed solution, including hardware designs, component selection, software and firmware architectures. This takes the form of a User Requirement specification and serves as the reference for the implementation, validation, and ongoing support of the system.

3) Implementation: At this stage we develop a hardware prototype that could include PCB designs, Microcontroller, DSP and/or FPGA code development. For this we specialize in the use of VHDL, C/C++, RTOS and Embedded Linux.

5) Testing and Iterations: When the implementation is completed we run a verification test to ensure the design meets the defined requirements as per the User Requirement Specification as well as revising the concept design and adding new requirements or improvements derived from the previous testing stage. The testing process is documented and the results used to validate the initial requirements. Further testing can be outsourced to comply with international, medical or military standards as required.

6) System Integration: Finally and in conjunction with our clients, we integrate the different components of the system. This includes hardware and software interfacing and training.

7) Production Management: We offer both domestic and off-shore manufacturing capabilities through ourselves or qualified companies with which we have alliances.

6) Ongoing Support: Multifid is committed to supporting its clients, making sure that their products are successfully launched in the marketplace and providing technical service when they are required.

Our areas of Expertise

  • Analogue, Radio Frequency (RF) hardware design.
  • Wireless and Wired Systems.
  • Static and Mobile Installations.
  • Land, Sea and Air based Communication Systems.
  • Radio, Network, Satellite and Telecommunications.
  • Antenna products.
  • Embedded Software for Industrial and Military design.

C/C++: Real-Time Mission-Critical Systems, Tiny Operating Systems, Sensor Electronics, Signal Processing, Industrial Controllers
Embedded Linux: ARM, AVR32 and X86 Platforms Real-Time Communication Systems, Machine Vision Systems, Adhoc Radio Networking
VHDL: FPGA and ASIC designs.

Schematic capture: Including digitization of paper hard copy or pencil circuits.
PCB layout: Fine-pitch chips, SMD, Multi-layer, RF and High Power.
PCB Population: Medium quantity production runs.
Final Assembly and Test: Medium quantity production runs.
Ergonomic Enclosure Design: CAD/CAM designed for CNC Milling.
System Qualification: Temperature, Humidity, Salt Fog, Bump, Vibration and EMC.
Maintenance and Repair: Various Analogue and Digital Systems and Assemblies.
Ruggedised Electronics Military & Industrial Grade Designs
Embedded Systems: DSP, Controllers, PIC’s
Software Development: RTOS, Embedded C, C/C++, Assembler
Analogue Circuits : Protection circuits and signal conditioners
Digital Circuits: Discrete and Programmable Logic, CPLD, FPGA’s
Cabled Data Transmission: xDSL, Fibre Optic, USB, Firewire, CAN Bus
RF Data Links: DECT, Bluetooth, Spread Spectrum, CDMA
Video Systems: Digital Video Processing, Distribution and Storage
OEM Module customization: Single Board Computers, GPS with GSM/GPRS modem links
Protocol Converters: Physical, Data Link and Packet Conversion
Intelligent Test Jigs: Self-Calibrating, Processor Controlled, Data Logging
Environmental Status: Temperature, Pressure, Humidity and Vibration Sensors
Electromagnetic Compliance: EMI Shielding and Filtering Designs
Asset Tracking: RF-ID Tags, Access Control, Data Logging, Bar Coding

Keywords: Electronic Design, Electronic Product Design, Electronics, Pcb Design, Wireless Communication