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By: Multicam  06-Dec-2011
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1000 Series CNC Router The 1000R Series is an entry level, moving gantry design CNC router featuring a heavy, all-steel plate frame base. The custom engineered, extruded aluminum gantry can carry multiple cutting options while delivering clean, smooth edge quality. Options include automatic tool change spindles, vacuum tables and pumps, mist coolant systems, vision systems and tangential knives. Available with a selection of spindles from 4 HP to 7.5 HP and standard table sizes up to 80” X 240”, the 1000 series provides a strong, stable routing platform at a very affordable price.

3000 Series CNC Router

The 3000R Series moving gantry design machine is a popular choice among small to medium size manufacturers that demand a powerful yet affordable machine. It features a heavy, all steel plate frame base and gantry and is available with a broad range of spindles up to 11 HP. Options include digital AC servo drive systems, automatic tool change spindles, 32mm gang drills, vacuum tables and pumps, mist coolant systems, vision systems and tangential knives. The 3000R Series CNC Router is an all steel powerhouse designed for the intermediate budget.

5000 Series CNC Router

Are you in the market for a large format CNC router? The MultiCam 5000R series moving gantry machine comes in table widths up to 120” and standard lengths up to 600”. Custom sizes can also be quoted to fit your specific needs. The stress relieved, precision machined tubular steel frame is capable of handling multiple spindles up to 20 HP along with a wide variety of options. If you’re looking for a large CNC routing platform, the MultiCam 5000R series is an excellent choice.

7000 Series CNC Router The most powerful of the moving gantry design machines is the 7000R series. Featuring high performance digital AC servos coupled to a precision machined and hardened helical rack and pinion drive system, it is available in standard sizes up to 80” by 240”. The 7000R series machine can be configured with up to four independent Z axis carriages or with heavy duty automatic tool change spindles and drill banks for multifunction panel processing. If you are looking for a powerful, high production machine capable of 24/7 operation, the 7000R is an excellent choice.

MT Series CNC Router MT Series CNC Routers feature a fixed gantry and a moving table. This separates the X-axis motion from the Y and Z. Precision ball screws drive the X and Z axes and precision ground rack drives the Y axis. The inherent rigidity and precision of the moving table design make the MT a popular choice for demanding applications.

Custom CNC Routers MultiCam CNC machines can be custom manufactured to your unique manufacturing requirements. Do you need a machine with an 80ft table? How about two gantries? Ten spindles? A rotary table? Multiple saws? We’ve built all of these options for customers in the past, and our innovative design team can custom-tailor a machine to fit your needs. If a custom machine is what you’re looking for, please contact your local MultiCam Technology Center for an evaluation of your application.


  • Sign and graphics fabrication
  • 3 dimensional (3D) machining
    (sign, plastics, wood, molds, etc.)
  • Cabinet making
  • Furniture, general woodworking manufacturing
  • Store fixture, display manufacturing
  • Sheet plastic fabrication
  • Solid surface machining
  • Non-ferrous sheet metal machining
    (aluminum, brass, copper, zinc)
  • Composite machining
    (graphite, phenolic, Kevlar, etc.)


  • Full range of tables sizes (2’ X 2’ to 10’ X 60’+)
  • Vacuum tables/pumps for easy part fixturing
  • Wide range of spindle options ( 4HP to 20 HP)
  • Automatic tool change (ATC) spindles
  • Digital AC servo for high speed/acceleration cutting
  • Gang drills for in-line boring
  • C-axis to accept aggregates (horizontal machining)
  • Coolant mist systems for non-ferrous metal cutting
  • Vision systems for print registration compensation
  • Tangential knife cutters (drag , oscillating and ultrasonic)


Multicam Inc. is a global force in mechanized cutting solutions with an install base of more than 7300 units worldwide. We manufacture a broad range of heavy-duty, commercial grade CNCrouter systems designed to:


Our high-value, easy-to-use product line is supported by a worldwide network of more than 70 Regional Technology Centers. There is a Multicam Technology Center near you that has a comprehensive spare parts inventory and factory certified technicians to provide you with post sale training, service and application support.

At MultiCam, we have learned that automating a cutting process focuses on sending profits to the bottom line. Our customers want to make accurate parts with less waste, less labor and shorter lead times. Our goal is to provide you with the best CNC Plasma value in the industry along with outstanding service and support through a convenient Regional Technology Center.

MultiCam makes a CNC Router machine for every budget!

* All specifications on all machine models are subject to change without notice.

What machine is right for your company? What material do you need to cut? Check out our Material Matrix to help you decide what CNC machine best suits your needs.

Keywords: Cnc Router, Cnc Routers, Cnc Routing, Plate Frame, Steel Plate

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