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By: Mrs Pegg's Handy Line  06-Dec-2011
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  • Lightweight - large line weighs only 3.0kg, small 2.6kg.
  • Folds flat for storage.
  • Can be moved with a full load of washing.
  • 16 metres of line space (large), 10 metres (small).
  • Large line holds 4 king size sheets (with 2 spare lines) and the small line holds 4 queen size sheets.
  • Quick locking mechanism for fast and easy folding.
  • Legs splay beyond top frame for extra stability.
  • Leg caps for floor protection.
  • Capable of handling heavy washloads and hangers.
  • Quilts and blankets may be tented over the top of the Handy Line.
  • Jumpers can be laid flat on top of line.
  • Made from robust and non-corrosive materials - can be left outside permanently and will not rust. No maintenance required.
  • Lower line level makes it easy for those who have difficulty reaching a conventional line.
  • 30 day money back guarantee - your money cheerfully refunded if you are not satisfied with the performance of the HANDY LINE.

Length  172 cm  154 cm
Width  75 cm  60 cm
Height  143 cm  130 cm
Folded Depth  7 cm  7 cm
No. of Lines  10  8
Max Drying space  16 m  10 m
Total floor space  1920 mm x 800 mm  1640 mm x 700 mm
Weight  3.0 Kg  2.6 Kg
Packed size  175 x 81.5 x 5.5 cm  149 x 81.5 x 5.5 cm
Packed weight  4.6 Kg  4.0 Kg
Warranty  2 Years  2 years

Manufacturing specifications

Frame: Legs, bars, stays and brackets are beige powder coated Aluminium fixed with stainless steel bolts, nyloc nuts, washers and nylon space washers. Aluminium rivets are used throughout.

Line: The clothes line is PVC coated polyester fibre cord with polyethylene line bushes, tube enclosures, and leg end caps.

  1. With one hand, hold the HANDY LINE (in a horizontal position) by the main bar which extends through the centre of the Line. With the other hand, firmly pull the outer most legs downward. There are convex ridges on the outside lower section of the plastic locking apparatus (on the top of the main bar of the HANDY LINE) over which the legs fit securely. When the legs are lowered in the correct position they will lock into place. Then repeat this to unfold the other legs.
  2. To fold the HANDY LINE for storage, hold the leg with one hand, reach over the main bar and press downward (where indicated) to release the slide on the locking apparatus, then fold the legs up underneath pushing them over the securing ridges as shown. Repeat this to fold the legs at the other end.

  3. Both legs should now be locked into place and parallel to the main bar.
  4. The HANDY LINE can be stored on two hooks screwed into a wall or behind a door.
for answers to commonly asked questions about the HANDY LINE.
  1. This warranty is given by Mrs Pegg's Products and
  2. Entitles the original purchaser to FREE LABOUR AND REPLACEMENT OF PARTS for a period of 2 years. Mrs Pegg's Products or one of its duly appointed authorised service agents will during normal business hours repair or replace any part which in the opinion of the manufacturer is defective due to faulty material or workmanship provided that the appliance has been used for the purpose in which it was designed namely a clothesline or airer and operated in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. If same has been used for commercial purposes the period of warranty is 1 year only.
  3. The purchaser will be responsible for paying any transport charges on, and damages and loss incurred in connection with, the transportation of this appliance to and from Mrs Pegg's Products or its accredited service agents' premises.
  4. This warranty does not apply to any HANDY LINE which has been:
    1. subject to misuse, neglect, accident or alteration by any person
    2. damaged or destroyed by fire, flood, Act of God or other inevitable accident
    3. hired to any person or persons
    4. used with anything other than Mrs Pegg's Products genuine spare parts.
  5. Your proof of the date of purchase must be produced before free service is provided.

Keywords: Clothes Line