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By: Mr Music  06-Dec-2011


“Please welcome Mr Victor Wooten”

I’ve owned this amp almost 15 years and it has never let me down. Time to move on for something smaller. There is a heap of information up there on the various forums and Hartke website or even a Google. 1 x15 Alloy cone woofer and 4” alloy cone tweeter.

It can be used either in tube mode or solid state. Has a really good EQ and the balances XLR out is the engineers dream. Clean and crisp when straight to a desk. When I first got it I installed a JBLE140 thinking it would give me more punch so I reverted to the original speaker. I had the speaker serviced and checked by Axent in Auckland two years back. No know issues, great gigging amp. Comes complete with a cover I had made 10 years ago, nicely padded too. The Carpet type covering is factory original and in good shape.

Has the factory wheels fitted which saves damage to the back. It’s not a real heavy best and easy handled.

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Mr Music for musical instrument and piano repairs, restoration and advice - services

I am a registered piano technician, luthier, stringed instrument repairer, general repairer of brass and woodwind.Mr Music is Nelson City's only on-site complete sales and service centre specialising in acoustic pianos and all facets of musical instrument repair. I can ship instruments world-wide, arrange door to door delivery, insurance and of course my own personal guarantee of satisfaction.