Mount Michael

By: Mount Michael Wines  05-Apr-2012

Mount Michael Wines (Hong Kong) has launched its premium Central Otago label ‘Bessie’s Block’ into the fast-growing wine capital of Asia, Hong Kong.

The launch reception was held on Saturday, 19 November, at the rooftop bar of the label’s Hong Kong premises in Stanley. Around 40 friends and colleagues of the Hong Kong-based vineyard owners attended, representing a good cross-section of Hong Kong’s professional and financial services sectors. InvestHK was also present providing enthusiastic support.

Large-scale photographs of the vineyard, alongside a panoramic vista of the South China Sea on a clear and balmy evening, helped set an appropriate scene for the launch of Mount Michael Wines in Hong Kong and its premium Central Otago label, ‘Bessie’s Block’ Pinot Noir.

At the launch Susan Jeory, Director, explained the business model: “We’re excited about selling direct from the vineyard to the customer with nothing in between other than our logistics team at Jebsens, who are taking care of storage and delivery. With no distributor costs or retail mark-up, our model is as efficient as it can possibly be and our pricing reflects this. It’s something we believe will work well in Hong Kong.”

In speaking about the wine, she said: “There is real magic to wine that is produced in stunning surrounds. To this point our wines are up there with the best. When you combine Central Otago, a world-renowned brand in its own right, the quality of the our grapes, the finely honed cropping and hand-picking, and winemakers considered up there with New Zealand’s wine royalty, our wine has everything going for it.”

Grant Jamieson, co-owner added: “Hong Kong is a market where great wines from all over the world thrive. We are delighted to be introducing this wine to our very good friends and colleagues here.”

The launch made an impact as two of the three wines presented were sold out within a day. Mount Michael Wines Hong Kong will have further stock arriving, including a Rosé, in mid-December 2011.