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By: Motionoutdoor  05-Apr-2012
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Outer Aspect Produces more Transit Shelter Masterpieces!

Double A Paper teamed up with Paramount Pictures and Director Michael Bay alongside JC Decaux and Outer Aspect to create a "multi million dollar" action-packed outdoor advertising campaign based on the latest Transformers film. 

The copy paper supplier has plastered its "transforming paper" campaign at outdoor sites across Australia. ProPrint Australia called the Motion Outdoor Lenticular panels produced in New Zealand by Outer Aspect "one of the most eye catching jobs". The panels used 3D Lenticular technology and were printed on a hybrid digital press that Outer Aspect developed using Canon heads. 

The campaign ran in conjunction with a Double A Paper TV commercial created by Transformers Director Michael Bay, which features transforming printers. 

Down Under's Dancing Bus Shelters Make Radical New Moves for Out of Home Advertising

Renowned for their great outdoors, Australia is taking a leap forward and are redefining the shape of outdoor advertising! Local new series So You Think You Can Dance showcased on bus shelters in major cities thanks to Outer Aspect's MotionOutdoor technology, which is taking outdoor advertising to a whole new level!

Australian corporations and agencies are turning to MotionOutdoor - video animated outdoor advertising posters, as their number one choice in outdoor advertising given its ability to stop, engage and entertain commuters on-the-go.

Following the Holden GM "Which Astra are you" bus shelter campaign and the award winning "trains come out of nowhere posters for the Western Australia Public Transport Authority, Australia's Network 10 followed suit by choosing MotionOutdoor to showcase local series "So You Think You Can Dance".

Network 10 approached global outdoor media giants JCDecaux to embark on an outdoor campaign for "So You Think You Can Dance". JCDecaux having worked successfully with Outer Aspect before had no hesitation in choosing them again for the Citylight creative due to their expertise in MotionOutdoor technology.

Through constant innovation, the company is breaking new grounds by producing the most animated outdoor images seen today using MotionOutdoor technology.

MotionOutdoor technology is endless, transforming people into the car of their choice, making trains magically appear out of nowhere and showing a dancer competing for the "So You Think You Can Dance" title, it is a perfect compliment to enhance any digital advertisement without using conventional advertising methods or even using 3D!

One of Outer Aspects technical staff went to Network 10's studio to photograph the dancer. Photography for this type of animation can be done by Outer Aspect to best optimise the motion sequence.

Outer Aspect provides a full turnkey solution with production facilities in the United States having completed U.S campaigns for the likes of Palm, Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, The Philadelphia Museum of Art and many more.

They work closely with clients to ensure they are given every opportunity to exploit the MotionOutdoor process. "The medium is only as good as the content" is the company's tenet!

The "So You Think You Can Dance" Citylight posters were installed on 22 January running for two weeks before the show aired on 3 February. Michael Flemming the Networks Marketing Graphic Coordinator stated "the execution was excellent! we are stoked"

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