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Washable Pads Product Information

The washable pad / cloth consists of two parts: The inner liner is removable and absorbent. The outer is a shaped case with domed wings, and has an opening into which the inner is inserted.

The inner contains layers of towling and winceyette 100% cotton cloth. This is the absorbent part of the cloth.

The outer consists of another two layers of winceyette and is the glove for the inner liner, it has two wings and a dome to wrap around the gusset of your underwear to secure it in place.

Both the inner and the outer are rounded and contoured to fit your body.

Care instructions are supplied.

Moontime pads/cloths are available in 4 different sizes;

  • Light
  • Regular
  • More
  • Super Duper

Each cloth is available in;

  • colourful plain winceyette
  • colourful patterned winceyette

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Moontime Washable Pads Product Prices

Moontime Start Up Pack
Includes 3 More, 3 Regular and 3 Light cloths, plus a Moontime pouch and free Moontime menstrual calendar.

NB: Organic option temporarliy out of stock   

Moontime Menarch Gift
A special gift for young women at Menarch (first blood) when they enter the mysterious world of womanhood. This pack contains three Regular cloths, three Light cloths, a Moontime menstrual calendar, a pouch, a copy of the book "First Moon" and a beautiful card. Gift wrapped. The gift pack is a way of honouring young women close to you at such an important time.

NB: Organic option temporarliy out of stock  

Light Cloth
The 'Light' cloth is really slim for light days, similar to a 'panty shield'. It consists of one piece only and moulds with the shape of your underwear, great for everyday wear or the beginning/ending of your cycle.

NB: Organic option temporarliy out of stock  

Regular Cloth
The 'Regular' cloth looks similar to a conventional "regular" pad and you can expect a similar absorbency. These are the most popular and are available in a three pack. You would need approximately 6 of these per month for an average flow.

NB: Organic option temporarliy out of stock  

More Cloth
The 'More' cloth has more length and more layers for more absorbency. For night-time, heavy flows, post partum or incontinent use. You would need 2-3 of these for an average flow to wear at night and one on your heaviest day.

NB: Organic option temporarliy out of stock  

Super Duper Cloth
The newest cloth available has been designed for extra heavy flow, night time peace of mind, post-partum and incontinence use.

Washable Pads Extra Liners & Accessories

Extra 'Regular' Liners (3 packs)

Extra 'More' Liners (3 packs)

NB: Organic option temporarliy out of stock  


Moontime pouch - $18.00
The Moontime pouch is compact with wet and dry compartments.

The pouch is made to accommodate your cloths - in your drawer, schoolbag, handbag or bathroom cupboard.

If you're out and about, simply rinse and squeeze your cloth and place it in your pouch until you are ready to soak and/or wash it. Holds three cloths.

First Moon - $18.00
Written by Anke Mai for girls, their mothers, guardians and mentors. This beautifully written and illustrated book compliments the gift of first menstruation and offers loads of timeless and holistic advice every women will appreciate reading.


Other reading material available on request: Including Walking With the Genie & The Wild Genie, -the Healing Power of Menstruation by Alexandra Pope

Our Guarantee

Moontime Aotearoa products are guaranteed to be of excellent quality. If you are not satisfied, we will refund you the full amount if the product(s) are returned within 14 days. Unused of course!

Thank you for you order and positive action. If you are paying by cheque, please make them payable to Moontime Aotearoa and post it, to:

S P Boon, Moontime Aotearoa,
39 Pickering Road, RD 1, 
Cambridge 3493.

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