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By: Momentoes  05-Apr-2012
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Every Momentoes casting is custom made to met your requiements!

As Momentoes castings are individually designed and hand made you can have your casting however you want it.  We currently have 34 matt colours, 24 frame options and 3 plaque sizes in gold or silver to choose from so the options are endless.

If you haven't had your previous children casted - don't panic.  Our Family and sibling castings are a great option for you.


Our most popular casting is our 2 hands, 2 feet with photo. 

Family Castings

Our family castings are becoming increasily popular especailly in new franchise areas as Momentoes wasn't around when people started their families.  You can include mum and dad's hands also.  Having all the family's hands framed all together desplayed proudly in the lounge is a great thing to have especially when the kids have grown up and left home.

Sibling Castings

If you have got more than one child or didn't get your first child casted and feel bad about getting the new baby casted - you don't have to.  As our products are custom made we can make our frames to fit all of you children. 

You design your casting to suit you children, either just hands or hands and a photo of all the children.  Each child can have a plaque under their hand with their name, date of birth, birth weight and time.  To make it extra special why not put a plaque above all their hands with an insperational quote that is meaningful to your family.

Weddings & Anniversary Castings

Momentoes is a perfect gift for a husband and wife to remember their wedding day and can be framed with a photo fo their special day.  Couple castings are also a great gift for milestone wedding anniversarys - Give a gift that is unique and will last a lifetime!

Deceased Castings

Deceased casings is something we do offer however not all of our franchisees offer this service.  If you would like a casting done of someone that has passed please call head office to see if the service is available in your area.  Remember we can cast any age.

Keywords: Baby Casting, Childhood Keepsakes, Hand and Foot Casting,