Strategic Planning : Services : Mokowhiti Consultancy

By: Mokowhiti  06-Dec-2011

Mokowhiti Consultancy strongly believes that a sound strategy is the foundation for the success of your organisation.

Mokowhiti Consultancy offers a complete range of services to assist your organisation with development of strategy, including:

  • Business strategy

  • Developing business plans that consider assumptions, risks, and environmental factors.

  • Planning which focuses on longer range objectives and goals

Other products and services from Mokowhiti


Auditing and Evaluation : Services : Mokowhiti Consultancy

Mokowhiti Consultancy believes that auditing and evaluation is the consistent implementation of systems. Mokowhiti Consultancy can assist you with your auditing and evaluation reviews including. Undertaking service reviews against contractual obligations. Supporting pre-audit and post-audit processes. Assessing the efficiency of operations.


Facilitation and Consultation : Services : Mokowhiti Consultancy

Improve group functioning, e.g. role-clarification conversations, conflict resolution and relationship-building, meeting process, establish performance standards. We can help design plans to support the implementation of change, learning, and development. Mokowhiti Consultancy is available to provide consultation and facilitation services. Develop a vision and strategic plan.


Research and Analysis : Services : Mokowhiti Consultancy

Mokowhiti Consultancy offers a range of research and analysis services working with our clients to develop processes in which complex projects or issues are separated into simple or less complex parts. Mokowhiti Consultancy can assist you with your research and analysis needs including. Identifying research and analysis questions or issues. Interpreting the results and making a recommendation.


Funding Proposals for Research and Business : Services : Mokowhiti Consultancy

A major theme that runs throughout our approach is a concern for the development of meaningful cooperative relationships - with funding agencies, with community organisations, and with the people our clients are serving. Mokowhiti Consultancy has considerable experience in supporting our clients to be successful in gaining funds for projects.