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By: Modern Analytics  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Gaming, Industry Data

“We are always focused on investing in the right operations and the right technology. We are very impressed with the BIS² technology and how it can help us identify improvements to our gaming operations and provide new insights to better service our patrons. There is nothing that comes close to the BIS² technology."

John Farahi, CEO of Atlantis Casino Resort Spa

Ever-changing technology and increasing costs makes service delivery and managing costs a constant battle. In addition, competition from non-traditional sources, and changing demographics is eroding revenues and yields. Key challenges within gaming include optimizing revenue through understanding the factors that influence customer preferences including, what customers play, rate of play, when and for how long and location.

gameViz is a powerful, easy-to-use, gaming industry data visualization solution that allows casino operators to directly query their data, and enable them to see what they need to do. Understand the complexities of your gaming/hospitality business and identify practical ways of improving the profitability of your business.

With gameViz Slot Managers have the ability to:

  • Quickly identify underperforming machines so they can quickly take action to reconfigure the gaming floor.
  • Build a picture of how, and how much, players are spending on participation games so they can directly improve profit.
  • See immediate ROI from new machines and machine moves by comparing two pictures of the floor, not just machine numbers.
  • See how location affects performance. Visually see patterns of play such as, how the end machines are doing compared to center machines, and how the machines in walkways and near restrooms and  restaurants are doing. This type of detail can be hard to see when you are simply using machine and bank numbers.

With gameViz Marketing Managers have the ability to:

  • See where specific groups of customers are playing on the gaming floor.
    • Pull a list of players from a certain game type or selection of machines and visually see where else they play on the gaming floor.
    • Analyze free slot play (or other promotions) by where customers are redeeming their offers on the floor and identify any patterns in profitability based on how the free play (or other offer) is used on the floor.
    • Create “mini-casinos” within areas of the casino and market to players in each group separately.
    • Easily export lists into your current CRM or other campaign management tool for easy mailing and list management.

    gameViz™ is a gaming industry-specific data visualization tool that allows you to directly query your data and see the results visually using innovative and powerful Super graphics. Join the growing BIS² User Community and leverage a new paradigm in visual analytics – Super graphics.

    Designed to improve casino revenue and profit performance, gameVizTM can be applied to most areas of your gaming business and consists of four key modules:

    Revenue & Customer Analytics

    (aimViz™) – get new insights as to the most profitable customers and those which can be ‘tapped’ for additional revenue and profit.

    Gaming Floor Optimization

    (floorViz™) – see which areas of the floor and machines are working and which ones are not. Identify which machines customers like to play, and when (market basket analysis). Identify over or under performing machines and learn how location based analysis can be applied.

    Property Yield Management

    (propertyViz™) – maximize revenue and yield across the divisions and across properties. Easily see customers who play at one property, when and how much they play at other properties.

    Advanced Gaming Floor Analytics

    (slotViz™) – see which downloadable games/combinations are most popular, when and where. Easily assess the ROI and improvement opportunities with networked games and community gaming.

Keywords: Gaming, Industry Data

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