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By: Mindtouch  06-Dec-2011
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MindTouch has unparalleled experience building highly engaging product help communities, social intranets, and social knowledge management solutions. Our customers often ask us to help them:

  • Maximize the value of their online product help content
  • Create compelling destinations for their community of users to visit, participate and return to
  • Encourage users of their products to learn more from each other and rely more on each other for help
  • Assist in deploying, managing and evolving their community solutions over time

We have worked with some of the world’s leading brands to deliver social knowledge base solutions that are used by millions every day. To expedite the process and ensure quality of building purpose-built, enterprise product support software and document management solutions, we’ve developed a 6 step process to efficiently execute a services engagement. Let's get started.


Discovery - Perform Needs Assessment

At the outset of the project we begin with a benchmark assessment, which will provide a framework for moving forward. We leverage data from hundreds of leading community based product documentation solutions to assist our customers in understanding the “art of the possible”, creating a compelling overall strategy.


Definition - Establish Your Ladder of Engagement

MindTouch helps to define the appropriate methods of engagement – including badges and gamification, question and answers, forums, content scoring, integration, workflows, etc. – that will allow your community to thrive. Together, each level of engagement builds on its predecessor, thus escalating your users up the ladder of engagement.


Design - Fit, Finish, and Polish

Our primary objective is to turn your casual visitors into engaged community members that thrive with your products. The design phase will translate the direction provided by the Discovery and Definition phases with two goals in mind: Fit your branding requirements and Reduce impediments to user engagement.


Development & QA - Programming, Testing and Deployment

All of our social help center and product documentation solutions are built upon MindTouch TCS. This product offers an exceptional out-of-the-box social knowledge base, but is also an innovative framework for development that speeds time to market and lowers costs. We built it, we know it well. Our professional services organization will manage the development and delivery of your project on time and on budget. Developing on our proven platform means that

deployments typically launch in a matter of weeks, not months.


Launch Assistance

When we take our customers' communities live, we do so only after rigorous user acceptance testing and training. But you can’t predict all behaviors. That’s why we closely track your goals and engage with your community managers and support personnel to increase awareness and encourage adoption of your purpose-built solution. If changes are needed to drive your users further up the ladder of engagement, we're there to help implement.


Support and Growth

All of our customers' solutions are supported by the MindTouch Customer Support team, which can include 24x7 coverage, ensuring the highest levels of availability and performance. Our relationship with our customers often continues well after launch as we regularly meet with them to consult on new advances that may apply to their particular product help community.

Whether it’s integration, deployment or customizations, we can help any business accelerate their community-building objectives with MindTouch. We pull out all the stops to guarantee an exceptional experience, for both you and your customers.

Keywords: Product Documentation

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