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By: Mindtouch  06-Dec-2011
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Companies like Autodesk, Intuit, Palm and HTC have been keeping a secret: they have been using their product help content to build highly engaged product help communities. The benefits are clear: increased revenue, lowered support costs, improved support quality, and a community of happy users.

Product help should be, at least as good as your marketing materials. Why? Because prospective buyers are evaluating your product documentation before buying. Also, your customers increasingly expecting a community help wiki to help them become 'expert users'. Finally, if your product help community is at least as good as your marketing, your customer support costs will drop.

MindTouch provides exceptional, purpose-built social help desks and knowledge bases for some of the world’s largest and most respected technology and media brands. Our solutions layer social and collaborative capabilities over existing systems and deliver strategic value to our customers. Product help is strategic for user assistance teams, product and marketing teams, community managers, and product evangelists as they look to build engaged communities around their brands to increase top and bottom line revenues.

Product help is the foundation from which you build a business. This proved true as MindTouch launched itself to one of the top 20 most popular open projects in the world. It’s also true for all our customers who are passionate about supporting their users customers in becoming enthusiastic experts on their products.

Product help is the foundation with which you can deliver personalized help, sales, and marketing experiences that “wow” your customers.

This is what MindTouch offers with our purpose built solutions.

How Does MindTouch Help Lower Support Costs?

Two ways: support ticket deflection and decreased call times. Not only can MindTouch measurably decrease the cost of customer support, our products and purpose built solutions have proven to increase support quality and customer satisfaction. Whenever a customer support agent answers the phone, or works a support ticket there is a hard cost. With our social knowledge base software solutions, MindTouch offers an effective and satisfying alternative for customers to help themselves and help each other. Our solutions are proven effective as external customer facing social help desk knowledge bases and internal collaborative knowledge bases for support teams. Many of our customers measure their internal support costs at more than $150 for each support issue handled by a live support agent. With MindTouch the costs can drop to a nickel ($0.05). That’s strategic cost savings.

How Does MindTouch Help Build Communities?

MindTouch approaches each social help desk solution uniquely, but adheres to three guiding principles.

  1. 1A ladder of engagement that encourages contribution and matures your learner to increasing levels of participation and expertise.
  2. 2Embrace and extend. We commonly deploy our solutions as a social layer of value that lowers risk and costs while adding important and useful help capabilities.
  3. 3Help in context to maintain flow and provide the most exceptional help experience possible.

Often our solutions include content scoring, user feedback, commenting, question and answer, co-authoring, social currency, etc. By providing these social layers on top of existing help systems we're able to help our customers create 'sticky' communities around their products, which means customers stay customers and new prospects want to become customers so that they can participate.

How Does MindTouch Help Drive Revenue?

Add a Social Layer to Your Online Documentation

MindTouch Product Help is a specialized toolset for product help communities and social knowledge bases that scale far beyond forum software. It is an integrated authoring, publishing and user engagement environment, which includes a targeted set of technologies such as the MindTouch Intelligent Documentation Framework, Curation Analytics, Adaptive Search and Community Content Moderation. These tools are the foundation with which MindTouch launches turnkey solutions that can be expanded to include branding, question and answer, forums, blogging, social profiles, badges, etc.

Why Do Our Customers Choose MindTouch?

MindTouch customers such as PayPal, Intuit, ExactTarget, RightScale, the Washington Post, Mozilla have standardized on MindTouch for their social help centers and knowledge bases. They chose our solutions because they are:

  • EffectiveProduct help has proven to be an effective way to increase new customer acquisition, shorten sales cycles and even lower support costs. Our customers report that their MindTouch powered help sites often drive over half of their new site visits and lead generation.
  • EngagingOur help solutions encourage community contributions with varying layers of moderation or workflow. Our most active customer communities support thousands of customer contributions daily.
  • ScalableOur solutions scale to serve millions of daily visitors.
  • SocialOur native community feedback features integrate seamlessly with 3rd party social media tools to further extend your brand's reach.

Right now, your community is searching for information on your products and services. Maybe they are finding your competitors' knowledge based system. Are you providing them with the information they're looking for? Do you provide them with an opportunity to provide feedback or ratings on your documentation, or even to submit their own content? With a MindTouch social help center you are able to leverage a web-based authoring and content publishing, as well as the capabilities to consistently enrich, improve and expand your strategic content with the level of community involvement you prefer.

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

Keywords: Product Documentation

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