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By: Mindtouch  06-Dec-2011

An author is a registered user that can create or edit pages, administrate the site, manage users and groups, manage page permissions, etc. Pricing is based on the number of site authors. A user is a registered (or anonymous) user that can view knowledge base content (they have permission to view). If the user is a registered site user (a user that has logged into the site), they can score and provide feedback to content. Registered users can be added to groups, blocked/banned, receive notifications, etc. Users are free and unlimited in all MindTouch product help communities.

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MindTouch TCS Free Trial | Hosted Wiki Software | Cloud Based Solutions

Make registration and sign in a breeze for your community users, and a powerful relationship builder for your business. There are many common application and database connectors available for popular CRM applications and databases. With MindTouch Adaptive Search, your content search algorithm gets smarter by learning from your users. Also, thanks to our API-First approach it’s pretty easy to expose your content in a variety of places.


Social Knowledge Base Software | Product Help Community Centers

It is an integrated authoring, publishing and user engagement environment, which includes a targeted set of technologies such as the MindTouch Intelligent Documentation Framework, Curation Analytics, Adaptive Search and Community Content Moderation. Companies like Autodesk, Intuit, Palm and HTC have been keeping a secret: they have been using their product help content to build highly engaged product help communities.


Strategic and Technical Consulting | Knowledge Management Solutions

To expedite the process and ensure quality of building purpose-built, enterprise product support software and document management solutions, we’ve developed a 6 step process to efficiently execute a services engagement. We leverage data from hundreds of leading community based product documentation solutions to assist our customers in understanding the “art of the possible”.