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By: Mindtouch  06-Dec-2011

  • Collaborative (Multi-user) Content Authoring

  • Workflows and Moderation

  • Community Scoring and Feedback

  • Adaptive Search

    Just like Google, your users' behavior has a wealth of intelligence that should inform search. With MindTouch Adaptive Search, your content search algorithm gets smarter by learning from your users.

  • Content Curation Analytics

  • Social Logins

    Make registration and sign in a breeze for your community users, and a powerful relationship builder for your business. Our social login feature offers the most options for people to connect with your social knowledge base using established identities from more than 24 providers including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and AOL. Now you can rapidly grow your community in the most friction-free way possible.

  • Self-Organizing Content

  • Notifications

  • Search Engine Optimization

    When customers or prospects search the Internet you want them to find you. MindTouch TCS is Google (search engine) ready. Many of the tedious SEO tasks that are commonly overlooked or time consuming are automated by MindTouch TCS. Also, we’ve made it really easy for even non-technical users to implement SEO best practices.

  • Desktop, Office, and Application Connectors

    We have a rich set of desktop tools for Microsoft Windows. This allows drag-and-drop, and in-place editing. Also, there are many common application and database connectors available for popular CRM applications and databases.

  • Cloud Delivered

    With our scalable cloud hosting you can mature from a workgroup to millions of daily visitors. You focus on growing your community and managing your content and we will handle your backups, upgrades, and security.

  • LDAP/Active Directory Authentication and Permissioning

    It’s easy to configure your LDAP or Active Directory with MindTouch so that you can expose selected groups and users. This can be used in conjunction with or in exclusion to the native user and group management in MindTouch. You will also find very granular permission and governance capabilities.

  • Standards Compliant

    Once you connect to or author in MindTouch, your content is more portable than ever before. Content is available programmatically via REST interfaces and all content is stored as XML. Also, thanks to our API-First approach it’s pretty easy to expose your content in a variety of places: write once, use often.

  • API-First

    MindTouch has pioneered Web Oriented Architectures (WOA). This  is the application of RESTful design principles to open web standards (HTTP/XML/JSON). It provides a lot of benefits for our users. One aspect of this is that 100% of MindTouch is exposed over REST interfaces. Meaning you can easily extend MindTouch or expose data and behavior in other applications and systems.

  • Development Platform

    MindTouch is a powerful development platform for novice and experienced programmers. Our WOA combined with JQuery and our sand-boxed scripting language (DekiScript) provides a sophisticated development environment. You can build applications, package and share them with other users all from MindTouch pages. Also, site admins can govern access to users and groups.

  • Other products and services from Mindtouch


    Product Help Community | Document Management & Product Documentation

    An author is a registered user that can create or edit pages, administrate the site, manage users and groups, manage page permissions, etc. Pricing is based on the number of site authors. If the user is a registered site user, they can score and provide feedback to content. Registered users can be added to groups, blocked/banned, receive notifications, etc. Users are free and unlimited in all MindTouch product help communities.


    Social Knowledge Base Software | Product Help Community Centers

    It is an integrated authoring, publishing and user engagement environment, which includes a targeted set of technologies such as the MindTouch Intelligent Documentation Framework, Curation Analytics, Adaptive Search and Community Content Moderation. Companies like Autodesk, Intuit, Palm and HTC have been keeping a secret: they have been using their product help content to build highly engaged product help communities.


    Strategic and Technical Consulting | Knowledge Management Solutions

    To expedite the process and ensure quality of building purpose-built, enterprise product support software and document management solutions, we’ve developed a 6 step process to efficiently execute a services engagement. We leverage data from hundreds of leading community based product documentation solutions to assist our customers in understanding the “art of the possible”.