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By: Milne Guitars  06-Dec-2011
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Some aspects of the guitar can be adjusted to suit the individual guitar player. For example, there may need to be adjustments to the scale length, nut width, fret size, tuning machines, ornamentation, and woods. All Custom work requires a separate deposit with the price fixed at the time of ordering and the balance due upon delivery.

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Watch the Progress
Want to check on the progress of your guitar? Once you have decided on the design, it is possible to watch the making of your guitar through the Internet.

Each guitar is finished off with a French polish. The French polish creates a high quality professional finish to protect the guitar. If the French polished finish is damaged, it is relatively easy to repair and touch up without affecting the sound quality or appearance of the guitar. Sound Quality
Each guitar has a unique sound. In order to achieve a consistent sound quality, each guitar is created with good volume and projection over a wide dynamic range, with excellent sustain and clarity.Please refer to the

Unique Guitars
A unique guitar can be yours! Each guitar is hand crafted using proven traditional bracing patterns in the sound box. For example, the bracing pattern from a 1976 Miguel Rodriguez, Jr. Classical Guitar can be used to create a left-handed classical guitar. Bracing in the opposite way would create a right-handed guitar. In this way, traditional methods of the luthier can be used to create a modern classical guitar.  



Left-handed bracing


Right-handed bracing

Keywords: French Polish, Guitar