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The township of Middlemarch is the service centre for the region. Here you will find a , , , , and the .

In Hyde, fuel is available 24-hours from card operated fuel pumps at Cook's Transport yards. EFTPOS, credit and BP cards.

  • In Hyde from the Otago Central Hotel.
  • Middlemarch: Dunedin City Council, ph 477 4000
  • Hyde: Martin Cameron, ph 444 4705
  • Hindon: Dunedin City Council, ph 477 4000
  • Anglican: St Chads, Middlemarch. Contact: Warwick Holden, ph 464 3483
  • Catholic: St Paul's Middlemarch. Contact: Grattan O'Connell, ph 464 3454
  • Presbyterian: St John's, Middlemarch. Contact: Gordon Wilson, ph 464 3772
  • Strath Taieri Community Centre. Contact: Lorna Williams, ph 464 3718
  • Hyde Hall. Contact: Matt Kinney, ph 444 4700
  • Hindon Hall. Contact: Mike Cowie, ph 489 1497

Fuel is available 24-hours from card operated fuel pumps at Trail Journeys depot on Swansea St (SH87), Middlemarch. EFTPOS only.

Internet access is available at the Middlemarch Store at $2.50 per 15 min.

A private disposal unit is located at Blind Billy's Holiday Camp and Middlemarch Motels, Mold St, Middlemarch.

The Middlemarch Postal Agency is located on Swansea St (SH87, Middlemarch, opposite Trail Journeys depot and the fuel outlet. Open 9-11.00am weekdays.The Middlemarch Postal Agency is also a Dunedin City Council Service Agency.

  • Bowling Club. Contact: Nola Tisdall, ph 464 3883
  • Strath Taieri Collie Club. Contact: Grant Tisdall, ph 464 3771
  • Deep Stream/Taieri Collie Club. Contact: Gerald Gordon, ph 489 8538
  • Middlemarch Golf Club. Club Room: ph 464 3867
  • Strath Taieri Community Library. Contact: Marion Wilson, ph 464 3841
  • Strath Taieri Pony Club. Contact: Beryl Marshall, ph 464 3091
  • Strath Taieri Rugby Football Club. Contact Bevan Dowling, ph 444 4745
  • Middlemarch Swimming Club. Contact: Kate Wilson, ph 464 3797
  • Strath Taieri A & P Society. Contact: Lindsay Carruthers, ph 464 3885
  • Strath Taieri Historical Society. Contact: Marion Wilson, ph 464 3841
  • Strath Taieri Lions. President: David (Jock) Frew, ph 464 3876
  • Maggie's
    16 Aberafon St, Middlemarch
    Souvenirs, gifts, old-fashioned sweets, fudge, cold drinks, cone ice-creams, icecream sundaes, milk shakes, milk, bread (frozen), DVDs for hire, info centre.

Garthmyl Rd, Middlemarch. Tuesday and Thursday: 10am-12pm. Weekends: 2 - 5pm. Contact: Irene Ramsey, ph 464 3145

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