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By: Metscape  06-Dec-2011


Metscape forecast cover the North & South Islands of New Zealand with regions normally divided into 4 sub-regions. For instance the Bay of Plenty covers from Whitianga to Whakatane and is divided into 4 sub-regions; The Kati Kati Tauranga region, Te Puke and Whakatane regions in addition the inland area Whakatane/ Rotorua makes up the fourth region.

A longer-range forecast covering the next 3months is issues monthly in the form a new's letter called "OUTLOOK". This covers such things as rain fall and temperature expectations based on Climate settings (ENSO or the Southern Oscillation/ El Nino - La Nina phases .. .

In addition this website will offer updates on the Climate information we are developing a range of forecast features available on this website. For instance the 7day forecast model and the Haymaker forecast. We have other features we are developing for this product, Metscape plus. While these features further enhance the product the price is not altered for these online features, they are free. Daily spray guidance & Grass growth forecasts are planned for the near future.


Metscape 12month subscriptions are $213.00 plus GST. Frost forecasts are available for most Horticultural regions for $240.00 plus GST.

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011