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By: Metrocount  06-Dec-2011
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MetroCount Traffic Executive™

MetroCount Traffic Executive™ Comprises three main components:

Roadside Unit & Survey Operations

Doing surveys with MCSetup™
Optimised for use on a notebook computer in the field, MCSetup combines clarity and utility with the intuitive Windows environment, and boasts features that cannot exist on systems with small built-in displays and a few buttons. With MCSurvey, you can quickly setup your MetroCount Roadside Unist for either classifying or counting at a single site and simplify large, multi-site surveys.

Operating your MetroCount Roadside Unit with MCSetup is easy. MCSetup’s simple interface guides you through the survey process. MetroCount’s “store every axle” approach means that you don’t need to set time increments, vehicle classes or program awkward speed bins before you survey.

Graphical displays of battery condition and memory usage, and a real-time traffic view, remove any guess-work about the status of your Roadside Unit. MCSetup’s concise messages and clear warnings give you the feedback you need to collect good data every time.

After the survey, MCSetup stores the traffic data on your computer. Depending on your data access and archival needs, MCSetup automatically creates and manages complex folder structures using any combination of Site Number, Survey Attribute, Year, Month and Week – details retained in the header of every MetroCount dataset.

Site database with optional GPS
With MCSetup’s site database and map interface you can efficiently tackle large surveys. Select sites from your previously compiled database, or create new sites at the roadside using a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver and our optional GPS interface. Using available maps, you can select sites by simply pointing and clicking on the display.

Data Analysis and Reporting

MCReport is Traffic Executive’s traffic analysis engine and the power behind all MetroCount Vehicle Classifier Systems.

MCReport lets you release the full potential of your MetroCount Vehicle Classifier Systems, effectively bringing the power of today’s personal computer to the roadside.

Managing data with MCReport™
MCReport contains Traffic Executive's dataset management utility. It scans your computer's local and network disk drives for MetroCount datasets. MCReport displays your computer's folder tree structure on the left and the contents of your selected folders on the right, with columns sorted on traffic data and survey attributes. Multiple windows may be opened for copying or moving datasets. Multiple datasets may be selected and loaded for analysis.

Classifying vehicles with MCReport™
MCReport is the heart of the MetroCount Vehicle Classifier S ystem. After retrieving data from classification surveys, you command MCReport to “replay” the axle events on your computer to construct practically ANY conceivable analysis.

MCReport unleashes the power of today’s personal com puter. The advanced algorithms in the new vehicle processing engine offer unparalleled vehicle discrimination and accurate classification, even under the most adverse conditions (eg car parks).

MCReport has a vast range of traffic reports. As well as routine traffic volumes, speeds and classes, you have sophisticated, yet easy-to-use tools to examine congestion, traffic density, entering capacity, platooning, traffic calming and more.

MCReport uses MetroCount’s “store every axle” approach to full effect, giving you further tremendous advantages:

Most importantly, the data you collect today can be processed again and again with MCReport, to cope with any future traffic issue. Your traffic data will become an increasingly valuable asset every time you do a survey.

Counting axles with MCReport™
MetroCount further expands your traffic survey capabilities with MCReport’s axle counting mode. When used for axle count surveys, MCReport also uses MetroCount’s “store every axle” approach, providing you with enormous flexibility. Your reports and graphs can use any time increment, plus many other features that cannot exist in traditional “binned” volume counters.

With access to the precise time of arrival for every axle, MCReport lets you analyse simple axle counts in a surprising variety of ways. You can count axles, axle pairs or axles divided by a user-defined factor. You can even count gaps for signal warrants and entering capacity analysis.

When using MetroCount for axle counting, MCReport supports single, dual and split sensor installations, allowing multi-lane surveys, with lane-by-lane counts.

Report “Profiles”
Every report you produce with MCReport has an associated Profile. Refine your reports by changing Profiles, then copy them to other reports. Vary any combination of vehicle schemes or classes, speeds, times, traffic flow direction, headway and other parameters. Profiles remain active until changed or the report is closed.

Scripting for batch analysis
W ith MCReport’s optional new scripting language, you can fully automate your data processing tasks. You can quickly construct scripts of simple, yet powerful commands to batch process all your data with ease, greatly enhancing your survey efficiency.

Keywords: Axle, Traffic Analysis

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