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By: Merlin Tao  06-Dec-2011
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Scent Germain bad Odor Neutralizers and perfumes are made of JUST pure perfume essence, made in France and distilled water, and work on the surface itself as opposed to the average air perfumers or essential oils that contain Alcohol, Aromatic Oils, Salts, Chemicals, Detergents etc.

which have the potential to stain, irritate or be flammable.

All the materials used in our products are Non-Toxic, no animal sourced and no animal testing, totally free of detergents, Salts, Oils, Soap, Alcohol, Ozone safe, hypoallergenic, Children and babies safe, Environment friendly & Ecological.

Scent Germain products offer a new concept that turns the place itself to the "solution" by turning it to the source of a wonderful and lasting fragrance operating on 3 different levels:

• An exquisite perfume spreading gentle, fresh, clean scents in contained areas and surfaces (using the hand-sprayer for example in hotel rooms or personal offices) - ffering a solution where there is a lack of pleasant odor.

• A natural scent preventing bad and unappealing odors in wider areas (using an industrial sprayer in public areas such as hotel corridors, event or conference halls etc.

• A concentrated natural scent solution to “contaminated” places from smoke, food, mildew, etc. (using the industrial sprayer with the essence and water in a highly concentrated mixture) - solve excessive unpleasant odors.

'Turn the object itself to a source of a wonderful smell instead of scenting the air around it to COVER its smell…'

"TopSpin" - Game tables Perfume TopSpin is a Felt Perfume & Smell neutralizer for Casino, Billiard & Bridge tables. The game table perfume work on the felt itself (on top of the table) Because of its formula, TopSpin is a new concept that turns the table itself to the "solution". After a short use the felt itself becomes the source of a wonderful and lasting fragrance in 3 combined levels:
• Bad smells neutralizer - smoke, food, sweat etc.
• Defense shield against bad odors
• Exquisite perfume spreading a gentle, fresh, clean smellDimensions: 500cc / 16.9oz essence bottle.Fragrances:
• Magical night.
• Lucky night.

PetFume PetFume Animal Odor Neutralizers & Perfume works on Pets themselves and their surrounding. PetFume neutralizes their smell and scenting the air around them. Its unique formula, gives PetFume the option to offer pet owners a new concept that turns the Pet itself and its accessories, bed, pillow, bedding, litter box etc. to the "solution" simply by turning the Pet itself to the source of a wonderful and lasting fragrance. PetFume is Ideal for Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hedgehogs, Mice, Reptiles and birds.Dimensions: 500cc / 16.9oz.Fragrances:
• Rain Forest.
• Magical Morning.

Textile / Linen Perfume The sprayer allows you to spray a gentle and refreshing scent around the hotel
room, House, carpets and all kind of textile without staining or damaging any
fabric. Our new developed products already scent hotels, yachts, carwash/
rental companies and offices around the world.
Dimensions: 500cc / 16.9ozFragrances:
• Magic Garden.
• Magic Forest.
• Tropical Sun.

Essence for Industrial Sprayer The Carpet perfume essence is used in an industrial sprayer after being diluted in a ratio of 1 essence to 2-9 bottles of water for two main purposes:
1. To perfume large or public areas (corridors, event or conference halls).
2. In odor “contaminated” places, to eliminate the problem and leave a gentle
and pleasant perfume scent that will lasts up to 3-4 days.
Dimensions: 500cc / 16.9oz essence bottle.
• Magic Garden.
• Magic Forest.
• Tropical Sun.

Shoe Perfume The shoes & boots is a bad odor neutralizer and perfume works in the same Mechanism as the textile perfume:
• Bad smells neutralizer - neutralizing the bad odor from shoes after use.
• Defense shield against bad odors - preventing the bad odor from attaching to the shoe while wearing it.Dimensions: 500cc / 16.9ozFragrances:
• Magic Forest.
• Magic Garden

Apparel Odor Neutralizer Finally you can neutralize bad odors from your suit and perfume it with a gentle refreshing and lasting scent. Scent Germain Suits perfume will also protect your suits for 24h from bad odors such as smoke, food etc. and will accompany you all day.Dimensions: 500cc / 16.9oz AND 60cc / 2oz.Fragrances:
• Lavender.
• Sandalwood.

Hair & Wig For the first time in history you can avoid coming home with unpleasant odor in your Hair/Wig. Scent Germain Hair & Wig perfume is made of the best natural perfume extracts in a special formula so it will protect your hair for 24h from bad odors such as smoke, food etc. and will accompany you all day with a fresh gentle scent.Dimensions: 500cc / 16.9oz AND 60cc / 2oz.Fragrances:
• Vanilla Patchouli
• Rosy Orange.

Keywords: Perfume, Scent

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