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By: Meridian Technique  06-Dec-2011

OrthoView has been developed to offer a complete pre-operative planning and templating system for Joint Replacement.

A surgeon using OrthoView 6.0 with SmartHip can template a Total Hip Arthroplasy in just 60 seconds!

Template Selection and Quality

OrthoView comes with a library of high quality digital templates. Data supplied by the implant manufacturers is used to create OrthoView's digital templates which behave on screen in line with their surgical techniques.

OrthoView's digital templates are updated regularly and managed via the web. New templates are added regularly, as data becomes available.

Range of Joints

OrthoView enables pre-operative templating for the following procedures:

  • Hips - total and femoral resurfacing
  • Knees - total and unicompartmental
  • Shoulders - total, reverse and humeral resurfacing
  • Revision prostheses
  • Small joints

A surgeon using OrthoView 6.0 with SmartHip can template a THA in just 60 seconds!

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