Mercury transcription specialise in real time transcription, CAT transcription, Computer Aided Transcription

By: Mercury Transcripts  05-Apr-2012
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Mercury transcription specialise in real time transcription, CAT transcription, Computer Aided Transcription

Real-time transcription

Real-time transcription is a simultaneous electronic transcript that is recorded in real-time.  This transcript is available on clients’ laptops instantly as the hearing proceeds.  This enables clients to have instant access to what is being said in the hearing as it is being said.  As soon as the hearing adjourns for the day clients instantly have a full transcript of the day’s proceedings.  This is shortly followed by a final edited transcript that evening. Laptops can be provided to clients so there is no equipment necessary.  Clients can also choose to utilise their own laptop.

Delayed transcription

If a real-time transcript is not required straight away, a delayed transcription service is offered.  This produces a final edited transcript of the hearing or proceedings within a few days after the conclusion of the hearing. Transcripts are provided in a Word document or PDF format and can be provided in printed form or e-mailed.

Transcript Format


The technology used is MSR/CAT (machine shorthand recording/computer aided transcription).  The stenographer records the proceeding in shorthand on the shorthand (stenograph) machine.  This machine is connected to a laptop which has special software that converts the shorthand into English.  The stenographer then edits the converted text to produce a final transcript.

The shorthand system is based on phonetics.  The shorthand machine is inconspicuous and quiet.  No intrusion on the proceedings is necessary.

Keywords: Transcription

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