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By: Men's Sheds  06-Dec-2011
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New Zealand Men's Sheds » Australia

In my report to my sponsors, I have summarised at the end what issues are likely to be important and at the stage we are at in Hamilton, these centre around Insurance, Safety, and FINANCE. Critical to the successful operation of the shed I found overseas and in our own situation, is the role of coordinator. Because of the responsibilities and operation of the shed, this really needs to be possibly a paid position – I am not saying that volunteers can or should not do this. Tthe successful operation of a shed frequently revolves around a wonderful people person who has a good knowledge experience and understanding of people and trade related skills, practices including safety. Often this person has to be available during the day when many shed enthusiasts are in full time employ. Enough……

All sheds will be different but there are many issues that will result in lively discussion

Please find enclosed the report for my sponsors following the Australian Conference held last month.

I make a suggestion that we try and coordinate a type of video conference meeting firstly done through schools or agencies who have a video conferencing facility.

I will explore with my principal today what the logistical bits are and wonder if we threw that ball into your court Trevor for guidance (Oxford Area School) as a teacher using video conferencing already and maybe you could target some time next week before the school holidays as a time for some of us to attempt to connect nationally. Dare I say this might be better done one evening ?
In addition to that, it would be good to have some web central clearing point and I am aware that Don Pettitt and Gund Wehsling from our Shed and Arthur (West Franklin) have all been active in this area.

If you are happy for me to share your contact details from here with each other then I will do so. I am not sure whether I have made contact with someone from Alexandra or Wanaka yet – if you know those people please forward this to them.

PS I have really only circulated this to those who have responded to me with particular sheds in development or up and running that I know about – 21 contacts so far.

Regards Neil

Neil Bruce (Dr)
166 Morrinsville Road
Newstead RD4
Hamilton 3284

ph +64 7 8560054
Fx +64 7 8560054
mob +64 21 1545026

Keywords: Sheds, Sponsors, Video Conferencing

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