Premature Ejaculation Guide | Men's Health Clinic NZ

By: Men's Health  05-Apr-2012

Thousands of men around the world ejaculate prematurely and the effect on their sex lives is devastating. On average most men will come within the first 2 minutes and only 10% of men can last over 10 minutes. Premature ejaculation or P.E. is an extremely common men's problem and is quite often a psychological problem.

Maybe you have heard of PE nasal spray treatment, or other quick-fix treatments? While these can be ok as a workaround solution (although the products we trialled didn't work which is why we don't stock them), we prefer to teach men a variety of techniques to control their orgasm which is the only long-term solution to this problem.

Dr Glenn Twentyman has carefully compiled some notes on Premature Ejaculation - based on many years running our men's clinic and helping hundreds of men get through this problem - and created the Premature Ejaculation Solutions Guide as a downloadable ebook.

This contains a series of steps and techniques to practice which help you to control your orgasms and last as long as you like in bed. You can work through this with your partner (if they are understanding), otherwise on your own. The information is presented clearly, and in a matter-of-fact manner so it's easy to follow and easy to put into practice.

If you put these techniques into practice you will get results and we do guarantee this.

Buy now and get rid of this annoying problem for good.