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By: Medavante  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Value Proposition, Patient Ascertainment, Patient Enrollment,

The assessments made to enroll the proper set of subject and correctly set their baseline levels of symptom severity are the greatest determinant of signal detection and, ultimately a successful study. 
Applying MedAvante’s proprietary Patient Ascertainment services greatly reduces enrollment difficulties. Because they are independent of the site, unfamiliar with patients, and blind to visit-order history, MedAvante’s centralized remote expert raters can:

  • Deliver the patient population exactly as specified in the sponsor’s protocol
  • Maintain the correct population throughout the trial
  • Significantly increase signal detection

MedAvante can dramatically improve the accuracy of patient ascertainment by employing a bank of centralized calibrated expert raters to qualify patient enrollment during the initial screening process.

  • This can be done by either evaluating patients remotely or reviewing the site assessments.

By enrolling the right subject and accurately assessing their baseline symptom severity, MedAvante Patient Ascertainment service increases objectivity in CNS clinical trials. The result for sponsors is greater certainty in maximizing the value proposition for their CNS products and delivering effective therapies for treating debilitating CNS diseases.

Keywords: Patient Ascertainment, Patient Enrollment, Remote Expert Raters, Value Proposition,

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MedAvante Products & Services

Sponsors of CNS clinical trials can select precisely the level of service needed to achieve their goals for signal detection, study power, and inter-rater reliability. Toward that end, MedAvante offers four levels of service, each based on our highly precise methodology for increasing objectivity in CNS studies. MedAvante is dedicated to bringing certainty to the mental-health evaluations and assessments performed during CNS clinical trials.


MedAvante: Solutions

By applying this methodology, MedAvante overcomes the major threat to achieving signal detection: Issues with the trial assessments’ validity and reliability caused by biases and interviewer variability. An entire cohort of study raters comprised of high quality interviewers can still result in poor reliability for the study as a whole, with an attendant negative effect on study power.


Remote Centralized Ratings

MedAvante’s Remote Centralized Ratings service addresses issues of baseline score inflation and expectancy bias by providing the services of expert, clinical raters working remotely from a central location. The result for sponsors is the highest level of certainty in maximizing the value proposition for their CNS products and delivering effective therapies for treating debilitating CNS diseases.


Continuous Quality Control Monitoring Service

Provides own score of interview scale: automated workflow program will not provide site's scores until MedAvante expert trainer enters their assessment scores. MedAvante expert trainers are calibrated to provide consistent feedback to all site raters to minimize rater variability. Site-based raters digitally record all their subject interviews through provided laptop. Calibrate the site raters to the central MedAvante expert trainer cohort.


MedAvante Rater ReadinessTraining

To provide the highest levels of rater training, MedAvante offers enriched Rater Readiness training, a superior approach that puts extraordinary emphasis on the rater's applied interviewing skills which is representative of real world trial conditions. The result can be greater certainty in maximizing the value proposition for CNS products and delivering effective therapies for treating debilitating CNS diseases.