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By: Mccarthy Contracting  06-Dec-2011

McCarthy Contracting prefers to individually wrap bales in comparison to tube wrapping. The main reasons for this preference are:

  • Less wastage when at feeding because bales are only opened as required.

  • Easy to stack for storage.

  • Farmers can use as much or as little balage as they require at any one time.

  • Easy to transport without spoiling the balage.

  • Should one bale spoil no other bales are affected. In a tube the whole tube of bales can be spoiled.

  • Individually wrapped bales can be chopped and wrapped immediately. This ensures that the bales maintain their shape when being carted and stacked.

  • Should bales get damaged they can easily be re-wrapped.

  • We have had individually wrapped bales of balage last into the fourth season after being made

The McHale 991B wrapper is engineered for efficient and effective round bale wrapping. It’s practical and simplistic design makes it easy and efficient to operate.

The McHale hydraulically operated cut and tie system cuts and holds the film in position ready to wrap the next bale. This time saving device eliminates the need to manually reattach the film. This is critical in high wind conditions in Canterbury and it is able to operate consistently in any weather conditions.

The side tip damper allows bales to be gently lowered to the ground and tipped on their end. The ends are where the bale has the most layers of plastic and the bales hold their shape better when stored on their ends.

The McHale stretch unit stretches the film evenly from the start to the finish of the roll. The stretch unit can be geared according to different plastic types to achieve a perfectly wrapped bale every time in any crop condition.

The McHale bale wrapper is operated on the front of our Izusu 4WD truck giving the operator full visibility out the front window of the truck during the wrapping operation. The wrapper is then attached to the back of the truck for rapid transportation from job to job.

Taarup 7664 provides a flexible and very efficient solution for the wrapping of both square and round bales. Taarup 7664 is based on the Kverneland Group's long experience of manufacturing bale wrappers. Intensive and continuous product development is the basis of the development of Taarup 7664, a wrapper that has been improved in a number of features.

Taarup 7664 comes with two satellite arms as standard. By using two satellite arms, less time is used to wrap the bale. In addition, you do not have to replace the film rolls as often. The pre-stretchers are mounted close to the bale. This limits the amount of air which is trapped, even when the satellites rotate at high speed, thereby producing higher silage quality.

The rotation of the roller and satellite arms is closely controlled and ensures correct sealing of the wrapped bales. The satellite arms and the two roller arms are controlled by electro-hydraulic valves. Sensors linked to the computer provide the user with a continuous overview of exactly where in the process the machine is at any one time.

In order to adapt Taarup 7664 to various bale sizes, the wheels and roller arms are adjustable. Changing from square to round bales is fast and simple. Sensor-monitored speed regulation ensures that the rotation of the bale and the satellite arms is well co-ordinated and that sufficient film overlap is achieved.

This season we have purchased a Tubeline tube wrapper to compliment our baling and wrapping services.  The tubeline wrapper and some unique features, these are:

  • Easy to set up on site.

  • Fully automatic, Canadian built

  • Operates four stretch units  - similar to those on the McHale wrapper

  • Can be loaded two bales at a time

  • Sits low to the ground for smooth exit of wrapped bales

  • Can wrap round or square bales

  • The stretch and overlap of the plastic wrap can be altered for different crop types

  • The wrapper can operate in any weather conditions

  •   Is towed behind a 4WD truck for rapid transportation from job to job.

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Mowing » McCarthy Contracting

One operates front and rear mounted Pottinger mowers with a total cutting width of 6m and a 3m Case roller conditioner mower, which can be used for mowing more delicate crops e.g Lucerne and wholecrops.The second subcontractor operates a claas roller conditioner mower. This gives better ground contouring and leaves the crop in two rows for better wilting and drying of the crop.


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By producing dense bales of maximum weight means less bales in the field and every load carted is able to reach maximum legal load limits i.e. efficient, economical cartage of feed to its final destination. 15 years later, they still operate New Holland round balers, a NH654 and BR750A with crop cutters and variable chambers producing bales which range in size from 1.2m to 1.8m in diameter.


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The drill consists of three rows of inch coil tynes with baker boots for good penetration into hard ground and ideal shattering conditions in heavier soil types. Direct drilling is a low cost operation which enables McCarthy Contracting to keep the drilling cost per hectare at close to half that of other operators.


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Its main function is to form a seedbed and the tyne configuration achieves this without bringing the trash to the surface in comparison to the operation of the rotary hoe. Our 5.5m Heavy Tyne Grubber with large trash clearance is primarily used for the first stage of cultivating ground that has not been or is unable to be ploughed.


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We also have two subcontractors who can complement our fleet giving us a total of up to 10 trucks to draw on when required. Having our own truck fleet enables us to offer the complete package for all our services i.e. cartage of hay and balage. We provide cartage over a large area of Canterbury, Mid Canterbury, Banks Peninsula and the West Coast. Isuzu EXZ 3 axle tractor tipper with 4 axle B train trailers.