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By: Mccarthy Contracting  06-Dec-2011

McCarthy Contracting first started with a New Holland 650 round baler. 15 years later, they still operate New Holland round balers, a NH654 and BR750A with crop cutters and variable chambers producing bales which range in size from 1.2m to 1.8m in diameter. These balers are ideal for producing high-density bales in either balage, hay or straw. They wrap the bale with net wrap, which gives the bale some protection from the weather if stored outside and is easy to remove for feeding out. Sticking with the New Holland balers, which produce a nicely shaped high density bale, means that the customer receives a product that is the cheapest way of storing baled crop today.

After having a great run with the McHale individual bale wrapper over the last 10 years it was time to test the McHale Fusion Combi Baler.  It has certainly proved itself with speed and reliability.
The Fusion 2 is the latest in baling and wrapping combinations on the market.  It can end tip the bales to leave them flat and like all our balers it has an inoculation kit fitted as well.
A common misconception is that the bales are hard to cart and that you are unable to get many on a  truck.  In actual fact the bales are normally an average weight of 600Kg which means that you can get up to 40 on a truck.  They stack on their flats which ensures that they are very stable when being transported.

After the success of the high-density bale produced by the Case LBX331 Baler, McCarthy Contracting have upgraded to the new Case LBX332 Crop Cutter Baler. This baler is designed to get the maximum benefit from the crop so that all the goodness and value is retained for our customers!  This season we have also purchased a second LBX332 Baler.  It comes with additional features to the first, these being, a moisture metre which records the moisture level of the crop going through the baler.  In time we hope to calibrate this against dry matters of the crops being processed.  It also has electronic bale length selection.

When there is no time to waste Case LBX balers go to work with a speed and efficiency that is hard to beat, operating at the cutting edge of technology to form the perfect bale. Whatever the crop, light hay, dry straw or wilted fodder with long, short or fragile stems, the LBX baler will form precisely the right bale for bedding or fodder. The rotor/cutter features a 39mm theoretical chop length for tight and compact segments enabling easy distribution for feeding. The baler floats across the paddock on tandem axles with large flotation tyres minimizing paddock compaction and damage. By producing dense bales of maximum weight means less bales in the field and every load carted is able to reach maximum legal load limits i.e. efficient, economical cartage of feed to its final destination.

The Heeston 4 x 3 Big Square baler has a hungry appetite and is capable of being able to produce up to 100 tonnes of bales per hour. Baling crops into 4 x 3 bales is an efficient way of producing feed where volume is a requirement. The 4 x 3 bale is 1½ times the size of a medium square bale meaning less handling overall for the same volume of feed. The Hesston’s patented prepacker chamber preforms each flake, coupled with a double knotter system that ties two knots per bale. The result.. solid, square-shouldered bales that load, haul and stack like bricks. Hesston have been producing balers since 1978 and produced the world’s first large rectangular baler.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

The Case LBX 433 4 x 3 Baler is a high performance baler designed for high capacity harvesting of all crop types.  It produces bales  with consistent crop density, perfect geometric shape and has a reliable knotting system.  The crop cutting system makes it possible to produce dense, high-quality bales that are consistent in size and shape, with an equal number of flakes.  It comes fitted with scales for weighing every bale and a moisture meter for recording crop moisture.

Other products and services from Mccarthy Contracting


Mowing » McCarthy Contracting

One operates front and rear mounted Pottinger mowers with a total cutting width of 6m and a 3m Case roller conditioner mower, which can be used for mowing more delicate crops e.g Lucerne and wholecrops.The second subcontractor operates a claas roller conditioner mower. This gives better ground contouring and leaves the crop in two rows for better wilting and drying of the crop.


Wrapping » McCarthy Contracting

The McHale bale wrapper is operated on the front of our Izusu 4WD truck giving the operator full visibility out the front window of the truck during the wrapping operation. The stretch unit can be geared according to different plastic types to achieve a perfectly wrapped bale every time in any crop condition. The McHale hydraulically operated cut and tie system cuts and holds the film in position ready to wrap the next bale.


Drilling » McCarthy Contracting

The drill consists of three rows of inch coil tynes with baker boots for good penetration into hard ground and ideal shattering conditions in heavier soil types. Direct drilling is a low cost operation which enables McCarthy Contracting to keep the drilling cost per hectare at close to half that of other operators.


Cultivation » McCarthy Contracting

Its main function is to form a seedbed and the tyne configuration achieves this without bringing the trash to the surface in comparison to the operation of the rotary hoe. Our 5.5m Heavy Tyne Grubber with large trash clearance is primarily used for the first stage of cultivating ground that has not been or is unable to be ploughed.


Cartage » McCarthy Contracting

We also have two subcontractors who can complement our fleet giving us a total of up to 10 trucks to draw on when required. Having our own truck fleet enables us to offer the complete package for all our services i.e. cartage of hay and balage. We provide cartage over a large area of Canterbury, Mid Canterbury, Banks Peninsula and the West Coast. Isuzu EXZ 3 axle tractor tipper with 4 axle B train trailers.