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Keywords: Project Management

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Targeting focuses on establishing clear objectives for our efforts. (This is different from goal setting where we are typically looking to achieve a set of outcomes or achivements in a broader sense.)

Lets use the analogy of a military sniper - "military snipers are made, not born, military snipers make life or death choices while operating under the stress of exhaustion, hunger, isolation, and physical discomfort. All the field-craft skills must be mastered: stalking, target detection, range estimation, recon and surveillance, survival, and many others vital for success and survival.

Target detection (aquisition) is an essential part of any action whether it be military, business, or personal in nature

Service Summary

We will help you to examine the multitude of issues that you are dealing with and to establish a priority list of targets for immediate and focussed action.

  • Identify and Aquire Targets
  • Rank Importance
  • Agree Targets

Keywords: Project Management

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Goal Setting

Goals can be more than outcomes to aim for and at their best should represent actions that you can take that make a difference. Have Energy and Passion: more powerful than any goal is the energy and passion you have for what you want and what you do. If your goal is to sell 50 cars in one year, and you only sell 40, according to your goal, you’ve failed. Start with the end result in mind, then work backwards. Goals can be strong motivators.