Goal Setting

By: Maxim  05-Apr-2012

Goals can be strong motivators. But set your goals too high, and you risk becoming frustrated and experiencing feelings of failure. Conversely, set your goals too low and you won’t be motivated to strive.

Goals can be more than outcomes to aim for and at their best should represent actions that you can take that make a difference.

Guidelines for Goal Setting

Have Energy and Passion: more powerful than any goal is the energy and passion you have for what you want and what you do. Find your passion first, then set your goals.

Be Realistic: if your goal is to sell 50 cars in one year, and you only sell 40, according to your goal, you’ve failed. Yet, you’ve sold 40. Isnt that a huge sucess! So why not set your goal at 10 in one year, and beat it 5 times over!

Have Values: in the pursuit of wealth and happiness, it is easy to lose sight of our values and beliefs. Make a list of your goals, then a list of your values. If you can’t directly associate each goal with one of your values, maybe you shouldn’t invest your time in that particular goal.

Be Detailed: the goal itself is almost never enough. The most effective goals are designed so that you know what you are aiming for, but when you will achieve it, how you will measure it and how it is important in your life.

Be organised: start with the end result in mind, then work backwards. You must have a clear target before you build your plan of attack.

Accept Responsibility: Hold yourself accountable. Break your goal down into a series of managable steps to sign off.

Enjoy It: goals won’t do you much good if they just frustrate you. Make sure you enjoy the process - if you dont perhaps you are focussing on the wrong goals? When things get tough, take a break and do something different.

Back Yourself: many of us set goals we don’t truly believe we can reach. Be confident. Just think of the resolutions you made during New Years. Have you ever followed through on one of those? If your goal is to be healthy and fit, and you can’t imagine being able to exercise every other day and stay away from chocolates, then you have to rework your goal into something that you know you can achieve.

Work with others: Whatever goal you are striving for you will get there more quickly and with more enjoyment by sharing it. Depending on the goal, you may need a professional mentor, a coach, a close friend, or an inspiring book. Don’t always expect to achieve your goals alone.

Keep At it!: Don’t give up.

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